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Anniversary Update!

Release Notes – 2.0 Major Releases
[Link] Ahoy, pirates! Sea of Thieves’ momentous Anniversary Update is here, surging in on a tide of new features designed to cater to every kind of player. You’ve got a brand new competitive mode to enjoy as crews go up against each other in The Arena, an intriguing story-driven adventure to follow in Tall Tales – Shores of Gold, and the introduction of fishing, hunting and cooking to coincide with the arrival of The Hunter’s Call! TALL TALES – SHORES OF GOLD With the Anniversary Update, we’re introducing a series of interconnected Tall Tales for you to enjoy. Explore the stories of those who live on…

Sea of Thieves Content Update: The Hunter’s Call (video)

Merrick has returned! Trailer and Announcement Videos
As part of their stream dedicated to The Anniversary Update, Rare dropped this trailer for The Hunter’s Call. Watch the whole thing above. The Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update is nearly here, and with it comes a whole boatload of new features to put your skills as a hunter to the test. Following his mysterious disappearance after The Hungering Deep, Merrick has returned to set up The Hunter’s Call trading company. Working alongside has ever so creatively named son Derrick, and the rest of his extended family, they’ll be your port of call for all things hunting. And that starts…

Mega Update gameplay (video)

Watch all the best gameplay footage without all the inbetweeny stuff. Gameplay Previews
As part of hosting press in the lead up to the release of the Anniversary Update, Rare gave the media outlets some b-roll footage to use. It showcases all the additions to the game including The Arena, Tall Tales, and fishing & cooking. Most of the outlets just ran the raw footage which, to be honest, isn’t the most engaging representation of what there is to see. So we’ve condensed the gameplay to show just the key moments, with a jaunty Sea of Thieves soundtrack for aural flavour. Enjoy! Check out all the latest ‘Mega Update’ news at our Anniversary…

7 Minutes of Sea of Thieves Cooking and Fishing Gameplay

An Anniversary Update gameplay preview via IGN. Gameplay Previews
Rare have provide press with short videos previewing the gameplay in the Anniversary Update. Note, this obviously intended as b-roll footage to be used with other content, but IGN has posted the footage in full. It doesn’t contain music or any voiceover or chat. The Sea of Thieves is about to get a few more residents – come and see what it’s like to hook up and fry the new denizens of the deep.