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Official Arena Dev Q&A

Hit reg! Cross play! Cosmetics! Etc! Roundups
On Wednesday the Sea of Thieves community team hosted a Q&A with some of the Arena leadership team. You can read the whole thing here, but to keep things nice and simple we’ve summarised the discussion below.   Q: When are we going to be able to play with sloops and brigs in the Arena? Shelley: We want to do this! In fact they’re currently in the Insider build for experimentation. We are working towards finding the right approach for adding all the ship types into Arena whilst creating a fair and level competitive playing field.   Q: Crossplay, the Opt…

Arena lobby times have been reduced

Less wait before you dominate. Tidbits
Today Jason Cross, Producer of The Arena, announced improvements to the Tavern (lobby) waiting times. We have just implemented the following changes which you will begin to experience immediately: Reward Timer: 15 seconds – down from two minutes. (Time spent in the tavern following a contest when rewards are given and the banners are unfurled.) Staging Timer: one minute – down from five minutes. (Time spent searching for a fifth crew when you have four crews in the tavern. When this timer expires, your game begins the Ready Timer.) Ready Timer: one minute – unchanged. (Time spent when all crews…

Anniversary Update!

Release Notes – 2.0 Major Releases
[Link] Ahoy, pirates! Sea of Thieves’ momentous Anniversary Update is here, surging in on a tide of new features designed to cater to every kind of player. You’ve got a brand new competitive mode to enjoy as crews go up against each other in The Arena, an intriguing story-driven adventure to follow in Tall Tales – Shores of Gold, and the introduction of fishing, hunting and cooking to coincide with the arrival of The Hunter’s Call! TALL TALES – SHORES OF GOLD With the Anniversary Update, we’re introducing a series of interconnected Tall Tales for you to enjoy. Explore the stories of those who live on…

All the Arena Streams from TwitchCon

Joe gets competitive. Live Stream Roundups
Over the 13th and 14th of April, the Sea of Thieves team set up a booth at TwitchCon. Along with a temporary tattoo parlour, they had 20 machines set up for people to play, and stream, The Arena. It’s a super fun mode. The streams have some great moments – like this come-from-behind win, and Joe getting competitive. Watch the full archive of the streams here:

Mega Update gameplay (video)

Watch all the best gameplay footage without all the inbetweeny stuff. Gameplay Previews
As part of hosting press in the lead up to the release of the Anniversary Update, Rare gave the media outlets some b-roll footage to use. It showcases all the additions to the game including The Arena, Tall Tales, and fishing & cooking. Most of the outlets just ran the raw footage which, to be honest, isn’t the most engaging representation of what there is to see. So we’ve condensed the gameplay to show just the key moments, with a jaunty Sea of Thieves soundtrack for aural flavour. Enjoy! Check out all the latest ‘Mega Update’ news at our Anniversary…

Sea of Thieves Content Update: The Arena (video)

In The Arena you’ll have to play smart to best your rivals. Trailer and Announcement Videos
As part of their stream dedicated to The Arena, Rare dropped this trailer for The Arena. Watch the whole thing above. Welcome to The Arena. An all new competitive mode that lets you dive headfirst into the explosive action of Sea of Thieves as you and your crew battle against four other teams of players in pursuit of a glorious victory. In this frantic new mode the Sea Dogs have created an Arena in which you have to earn as much silver as you can as you fight your way towards the top spot. And in The Arena you’ll have…

6 Minutes of Sea of Thieves Arena PvP Gameplay

An Anniversary Update gameplay preview via IGN. Gameplay Previews
Rare have provide press with short videos previewing the gameplay in the Anniversary Update. Note, this obviously intended as b-roll footage to be used with other content, but IGN has posted the footage in full. It doesn’t contain music or any voiceover or chat. Come and see the high-speed piracy of Arena, Sea of Thieves’ new competitive mode.

The Arena will be playable at TwitchCon

Not an Insider? Not a problem. News
Of all the additions coming to the Anniversary Update, The Arena is the one we’ve known about the longest. However, we’ve received very little new information since the new game mode was announced at XO18. But it looks like that’s about to change. We know that media will be visiting Rare this week to play The Anniversary update – and we expect to see write-ups about those visits in mid-April. Additionally, the Sea of Thieves dev team will be streaming The Arena on April 10th, where the team will “share more details, insights and glimpses from behind the scenes”. Following…

Sea of Thieves announces major “Anniversary Update”

The update will arrive on April 30th. News
The team from Sea of Thieves announced the details of their “mega update” today – now officially called the Anniversary Update. As well as The Arena (most of the details of which we’ve know since it was announced) the video, announcement and promo page give us some more details about things we know, and tip us off to some new things. Tall Tales – Shores of Gold introduces a new epic storyline to the world of Sea of Thieves, delving deeper into the lore of our favourite pirate paradise. Follow a series of narrative adventures surrounding existing and all-new characters, taking you…

Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update Trailer

Let’s break it down! Trailer and Announcement Videos
It’s finally here! And Rare have now confirmed that the Anniversary Update (RIP, mega update) will arrive on April 30th. Have you watched it yet? Click above to give it another watch then let’s get into a breakdown below. FISHING CONFIRMED! And is there something cooking in that pot? Here we see this chest opening. What’s inside? The pirate on the left is holding his compass, how did they find the chest? A lot of new cosmetics on display here. We get our first look at harpoons (we were right). Fishing again (hooray!). And the woman pirate on deck has…

Everything we know about the upcoming Mega Update

AKA the Anniversary Update! Roundups
Updated March 20th 2019: We now know that the upcoming “mega update” will officially be called the Anniversary Update, to be released on April 30th 2019. Watch the official Anniversary Update trailer and check out our trailer breakdown. Read up on the full Anniversary Update announcement. Original post, Feb 20th 2019: At Inside Xbox in February, Sea of Thieves executive producer, Joe Neate, confirmed that on March 20th, 2019 – the one year anniversary of the launch of the game – Rare will announce everything that’s coming in their next major update, referred to as the Mega Update! It’s been several…

The Cross-Play Opt-Out “Controversy”

Groan. Update: now with actual stats. Opinion & Analysis
Update #2: June 27, 2019 Rare have confirmed that cross-play opt-out is still being worked on. We are actively developing input-split matchmaking. This feature has been more complicated to create than expected and we continue to work hard to get you all the right approach. When there is news, Joe will let you know through the Developer update. Update #1: Feb 6, 2019 Now that Joe has appeared on Inside Xbox, and following on from Craigs tweet about “sharing stats soon”, we now know details about the PC/console player split, which allows us to better understand any impact that cross-play…

Should we be worried that Rare is ‘splitting the player base’?

Here’s everything the team at Rare has said about Adventure vs Arena. Roundups
The recent announcement of the upcoming “The Arena” update to Sea of Thieves, which introduces a new competitive game mode, has been and enthusiastic but mixed reception from Sea of Thieves players. Fans on both the official forum and Reddit have been voicing their concerns that the introduction of this new game mode is a Very Bad Thing™ and signals a failing of the core game, leading to the apparent inevitability that Rare will end up placing all of their focus on the battle mode if it becomes popular, leaving Adventure to languish. Worse still, they’re worried that Rare’s development…

XO18 Panel with Joe Neate and Craig Duncan

Our full and detailed summary of the entire discussion! Roundups
Rare Studio Head, Craig Duncan, and Sea of Thieves Executive Producer, Joe Neate caught up with Xbox’s Major Nelson to talk Sea of Thieves and field some questions from the audience and from Mixer chat. It’s worth watching the whole thing, however, if you don’t have time for that, here’s a full and detailed summary of what was covered: The Arena The Arena is a response to some players wanting more focus on action, as well as shorter session lengths. A new trading company, the Sea Dogs. It’s a “new way to progress” in Sea of Thieves. Confirmed DeMarco is in…

Sea of Thieves: The Arena (updated)

Now you know everything we know. News
At XO18 today, Rare Studio Head, Graig Duncan, and Sea of Thieves executive producer, Joe Neate, unveiled the next (after Shrouded Spoils) major update to the game: The Arena! The Arena will introduce a new mode to Sea of Thieves. Announcing #SeaOfThieves: The Arena – a new competitive game mode coming in 2019. Prove your worth in the game’s fifth free content update, test your pirating skills against other crews and impress the new Trading Company – the Sea Dogs! Watch the trailer: — Sea of Thieves (@SeaOfThieves) November 10, 2018 This dedicated PvP game mode will be separate…