Developer update (video)

Double gun will become undone. Videos
Notes of interest: The key next step for Arena is to get it into the Pioneers testing program to start getting feedback. Rare want to grow and build Arena with Pioneers before it goes out to a wide release. The double-gun exploit has become more prevalent recently. The effective “one-shot” nature of the current usage was never the intended design. A fix will be coming “to one of our game updates”. A setting to disable gamertags will be coming in the next update (useful for streamers). The “Recent Players” view on Xbox has been buggy and will be in the…

Mouse and Keyboard support is coming to Sea of Thieves (updated x2)

Not official yet, but it seems likely. News
UPDATE: That was quick! Razer has now removed Sea of Thieves (and quite a few other games) from their page. Big Brother is watching! Click to see the original page vs the update. It’s probably very safe to assume support is indeed coming for the now-removed games, although they’re obviously not ready to announce yet. UPDATE 2: Unrelated to the Razer snafu, Executive Producer Joe Neate confirmed on today’s live-stream that mouse and keyboard for console “is on our roadmap”. In September 2018 Microsoft announced that (long rumoured) mouse and keyboard support is coming to Xbox. With Sea of Thieves being…

Creating a new type of multiplayer game

Joe’s talk from the Fun and Serious Game Festival. Videos
Executive Producer, Joe Neate, recently presented a talk at the Fun and Serious Game Festival about how the team at Rare set out to create “a new type of multiplayer game”. There’s some interesting background in here about Rare’s original goals for Sea Of Thieves and how they focussed on player stories and building an experience to give players a range of emotions. There’s also some excellent acting work from Design Director, Mike Chapman. Looks like the talk I gave at the @funandserious festival is up online. If you're interested in how we set out to create a new type…

Developer Update (video)

Reviewing 2018. Videos
A long update from Joe today as he takes a look back at 2018. Joe covers the tie leading up tot he launch of the game, what launch was like, how the team felt about how the game was reviewed, and much more. He also says “moment in time” a lot! It’s a great look back at the year from his point of view, and worth a watch for any Sea of Thieves fan.

Sea of Thieves in the Top 10 most searched video games on Google

It’s the most searched new IP on the list. Tidbits
Sea of Thieves has garnered the 7th spot in the trending “video games” search results in Google’s Year In Search 2018. While it’s a genuinely impressive result for a supposedly “dead game“, it’s worth keeping context in mind. According to Google “lists are based on search terms that had the highest spike this year as compared to the previous year.” With this in mind it makes sense that Sea of Thieves might be higher on this list since it launched this year. It is notable though that it’s the highest new IP on the list, and the other franchise games all…

Tales from the Tavern (podcast)

This is a great, long-ranging chat from Joe, Jon, Emma, Craig and Matt Booty (Head of Xbox Studios). Hearing Craig and Joe talk about the first week after launch, in contrast to the Shrouded Spoils release, really puts the year into perspective. There’s not much in the way of tidbits here, but Joe does mention a “new location” that is being worked on as part of a future release (could be the Sea Dogs Tavern, or possibly something further out?) and Craig mentioned “tens of thousands” of new players thanks to the various Black Friday deals.

Release Notes – 1.4.1

Gilded Voyages! Minor Releases
[Link] Gilded Gifts ‘Tis the season to be jolly! As we approach the end of an incredible year for Sea of Thieves, the Pirate Lord has decided to reward the sheer volume of piracy displayed with a gift for every pirate who sails the seas during December, in an initiative he’s calling Gilded Gifts. Wondering what he has in store for you? Visit Duke at any Outpost tavern this month and purchase a Gilded Voyage for the fine sum of 0 Doubloons. This special voyage type with its high-value rewards will add some real holiday joy to your inventory. But choose carefully:…

Developer Update (video)

Too Shrouded, Two Spoils. Videos
Notes of interest: The feedback on Shrouded Spoils has been great. Feedback on the release will be monitored over time, for example: Frequency of forts, krakens Difficulty of the Devil’s Roar, maybe rock accuracy has been turned down too far? The Bone Crusher cannon design will be tweaked for better visibility when manning the cannons. Because the changes to some of the achievements have been made without any prior notice, and some players were still trying to reach them, any player who reaches the new achievement thresholds by December 14th 2018 will get the Overachiever sails. More on that here….

Sea of Tease: New ship-to-ship interactions are on the horizon

New and interesting ways. Tidbits
Reddit user Decoraan spotted this interesting tidbit from the most recent weekly dev live-stream (1:00:13): Joe (reading question): “Have you ever considered boarding ropes?” Hmmmmmm James: Ah, interesting..! Joe: That’s an interesting questions isn’t it. James, have you ever considered boarding ropes in Sea of Thieves? James: Boarding ropes is, ah, it’s an interesting one. I’m not usually that into PvP so, ah, it’s something I’m sure I could look at using? [Gameplay mayhem] Joe: New and interesting ways for interactions between ships and stuff in the future, it’s definitely [something] we’ve got our eye on. Not directly boarding ropes,…

More forts, ships, megs and krakens is a permanent thing

The increase in encounters – introduced in Shrouded Spoils – is here to stay. Tidbits
If you’ve played many of the major Sea of Thieves content updates or Bilge Rat Adventures, you’ll know that it was quite normal for the spawn rates of items or enemies in the game to be increased during the event – the increased numbers of sharks in the lead up to The Hungering Deep, boom-skellies during Gunpowder Skeletons, or mermaid spawns during The Sunken Curse, to name a few. This has lead to some speculation that perhaps the increased encounters that have made Shrouded Spoils so engaging might be reduced after the event. Never fear, pirates. Senior Producer, Drew Stevens,…

How the Mermaids made their way back into Sea of Thieves

“I feel like you can lay the blame at my door.” Tidbits
Not long after Shrouded Spoils arrived, Rare coder James Thomas hinted that he’d tell the story of why the Mermaids were removed from the game for Forsaken Shores, and how they made their way back in. One day (probably this week) I’ll reveal the petulant tale of how I held these mermaid statues hostage until they were given a purpose. — James Thomas (@BIGsheep) November 28, 2018 Later that week James dropped some fantastic behind the scenes info, which gives some great insight into how the team at Rare are developing Sea of Thieves. We’re reproduced the thread here: James…

Developer Update (video)

‘The Talent’ rambles about Shrouded Spoils. Videos
Obviously this one is all Joe talking about Shrouded Spoils. There’s not much of note here that’s not already in the Release Notes or the Content Update video. It’s worth a watch though – enjoy!

Shrouded Spoils!

Release Notes – 1.4.0 Major Releases
[Link] This content update also introduces and showcases a whole host of new features that will persist in Sea of Thieves beyond the time-limited event: Expanded Ship Customisation – Pirates can now flaunt their riches by customising their ship’s wheel, cannons and capstan! These new cosmetics can be bought from Shipwrights across the Sea of Thieves and their stock is split by region (matching locations to our existing sets). So if you want to round out a cosmetic set, visit the Shipwright you bought it from the first time around! Fog – Additional care needs to be taken when sailing the seas, as fog…

All forts are going active with Shrouded Spoils

Get ready to fight up hills and on narrow walkways. News
We’ve known for a while that the currently inactive forts didn’t quite make it through play testing before the launch of the game, and had been put on the back burner for a while. Well Rare have been hard at work bringing a ton improvements to the game in Shrouded Spoils, and it appears forts have received some attention too. During this week’s stream, Jon and Joe announced that all remaining forts will be going active with the Shrouded Spoils update! 🚨 ALL THE FORTS ARE BEING ACTIVATED IN SHROUDED SPOILS 🚨 9 total forts + emergent, roaming Skelly Ships……