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Ships of Fortune

The latest update arrives April 22nd. News
As part of Inside Xbox for April 2020, the Sea of Thieves team announced details of the next major update: Ships of Fortune. While the content update video has some great visuals and resents a nice overview, a post on Xbox Wire gives a little more detail into the changes this update brings to the game. (Note: we posted a Twitter thread of these details yesterday, so be sure to follow @seaofnews on Twitter so you don’t miss out!) Emissaries Outpost Trading Companies want you to join their cause by becoming an Emissary. This brings a “newly expanded reputation system”,…

The Seabound Soul Content Update (video)

Fire. Fire. Fire. Trailer and Announcement Videos
The pirates of the Sea of Thieves are no strangers to strangeness, but even they must admit that something has been amiss for a while. The latest rumours speak of Sir Arthur Pendragon returning to the world, a man with his own supernatural history. Meanwhile, the skeletons act to preserve mystical secrets from the past in their Ashen Chests. Even Duke is no longer content to just sit by! What will you do, and how far will you go? Check out the full release notes here.

Join the Creator Crew

Rare launches a suite of tools and assets for Creators. News
As promised in a Dev Update video a couple of weeks ago, Sea of Thieves has officially launched its Creator Crew program. The team explained their motivation for rolling out this new program, as well as the details of the program itself, in a news post on the Sea of Thieves site. Since launch, 593,000 players have livestreamed the game, with hundreds of thousands more sharing content across Xbox Live, social media or YouTube. The creativity, humour and storytelling ability shown by our creators has been an inspiration to us, and they’ve played a huge role in making Sea of Thieves the…

Black Powder Stashes Content Update (video)

Boom kegs go boom! Trailer and Announcement Videos
We’re kicking off monthly game updates with Black Powder Stashes, an explosive good time for everyone! Visit Duke to pick up new voyages, all paying out gunpowder kegs. Turn them into any Trading Company for reputation. Boom! Job done. As if the smorgasbord of features that landed with the sea of thieves anniversary update weren’t enough to keep even the busiest of pirates occupied, we’re throwing even more into the mix with the introduction of our new monthly content updates – starting with Black Powder Stashes. Duke has word that the various trading companies are looking to stockpile explosive gunpowder…

Sea of Thieves Content Update: Tall Tales (video)

There is an island that lies beyond the borders of this world… Trailer and Announcement Videos
Embark upon a story-driven adventure into long-lost legends and mysteries. Wield wondrous artefacts, pit your wits against puzzles and face down truly fearsome guardians as you follow this trail of Tall Tales. There is an island that lies beyond the borders of this world… Impossible to reach without great power. The Shroudbreaker is that power. And there are many of these seas who seek it but this adventure belongs to you. Follow the clues left by those who came before and the rewards within your grasp are riches unimaginable… if you can face those and guard them. Well what are…

Sea of Thieves Content Update: The Hunter’s Call (video)

Merrick has returned! Trailer and Announcement Videos
As part of their stream dedicated to The Anniversary Update, Rare dropped this trailer for The Hunter’s Call. Watch the whole thing above. The Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update is nearly here, and with it comes a whole boatload of new features to put your skills as a hunter to the test. Following his mysterious disappearance after The Hungering Deep, Merrick has returned to set up The Hunter’s Call trading company. Working alongside has ever so creatively named son Derrick, and the rest of his extended family, they’ll be your port of call for all things hunting. And that starts…

Sea of Thieves Content Update: The Arena (video)

In The Arena you’ll have to play smart to best your rivals. Trailer and Announcement Videos
As part of their stream dedicated to The Arena, Rare dropped this trailer for The Arena. Watch the whole thing above. Welcome to The Arena. An all new competitive mode that lets you dive headfirst into the explosive action of Sea of Thieves as you and your crew battle against four other teams of players in pursuit of a glorious victory. In this frantic new mode the Sea Dogs have created an Arena in which you have to earn as much silver as you can as you fight your way towards the top spot. And in The Arena you’ll have…

Year One in Review (video)

A full overview of the first year… and a bit… of Sea of Thieves. Trailer and Announcement Videos
On the heel on the one year anniversary of Sea of Thieves, Rare have released their offical Year One in Review video! Video Manager, Jon McFarlane, walks us through every update, event and adventure available to all the pirates on the seas since launch. Watch the video above for a wonderful stroll down memory lane. More: What’s changed since you last played Sea of Thieves Everything we know about the Mega Update The official Anniversary Trailer See all the updates in a big, long list Follow Sea of News on Twitter to stay up to date with all the news…

Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update Trailer

Let’s break it down! Trailer and Announcement Videos
It’s finally here! And Rare have now confirmed that the Anniversary Update (RIP, mega update) will arrive on April 30th. Have you watched it yet? Click above to give it another watch then let’s get into a breakdown below. FISHING CONFIRMED! And is there something cooking in that pot? Here we see this chest opening. What’s inside? The pirate on the left is holding his compass, how did they find the chest? A lot of new cosmetics on display here. We get our first look at harpoons (we were right). Fishing again (hooray!). And the woman pirate on deck has…

The Devil’s Roar (video)

A land left unexplored. Trailer and Announcement Videos
Things are heating up in Sea of Thieves as this free content update cracks open a volcanic region of the world! Will you risk the wrath of The Devil’s Roar in search of new challenges and the truth behind a terrible tale? Find your way to Forsaken Shores on September 19th.