Dev Update Videos

Developer Update

[Insert balls joke here]. Dev Update Videos
Notes: Venom, Snooze and Rigging cursed cannonballs added to the battles this week. Controller sensitivity values have been expanded (probably triggered by this discussion). Update: this change is actually coming in the next Bilge Rat update (week of August 27). Ancient Isles fleet commendation has been fixed – due to this, the Cursed Sails event is being extended by 1 week. Due to feedback on Cursed Sails there will be no time-specific requirements in Forsaken Shores. The first stage of having Skeleton Ships in the world will be having them appear as emergent battles, with an indicator similar to Forts….

Developer Update

Week 2 of Cursed Sails. Dev Update Videos
As we sail into week two of the Cursed Sails campaign, Executive Producer Joe Neate talks about refinements to the experience and some players’ unique approaches to tackling those fearsome skeleton ships. Some notes: Rare have learned from the timed nature of Cursed Sails and will take that feedback on board for planning future events. This week: New battles with new skelly crews, new cursed cannonballs, varied skeleton ‘forms’. Forts are back! Work continues on re-enabling the Kraken. The Cursed Sails team is now preparing the Skelly Ships’ emergence back into the world beyond the campaign.

Cursed Sails Dev Update

Boney old Joe. Dev Update Videos
Notes: They’re excited to get the Brigantine out into the wild and will be responsive to feedback about the ship. Alliances, much the same – Rare will be taking on feedback around balance and the mechanics of alliances.