Behind the Scenes Videos

Inn-side Story: Visual Effects (video)

Fire! Splashes! Bubbles! Behind the Scenes Videos
This month’s Inn-side Story features a chat with Andreas and Natalie from Rare’s visual effects team. Seeing how they pulled real life photo and video captures into the game in a way that retains the Sea of Thieves visual style is fascinating. Check it out, then pay careful attention to the world around you on your next adventure to see their handiwork in action!

Cargo Runs (video)

Run, don’t walk. Actually, sometimes walk. Behind the Scenes Videos
Cargo Runs, a new Merchant Alliance voyage, are coming in Forsaken Shores. In this video the team from Rare give us some insight into how these voyages will work, and a few other spicy tidbits. The basic premise of cargo runs is that a character in the world will commission you to take some cargo (plants, cloth, or rum) and deliver it to another character in the world. The cargo each contain different properties, meaning they can take damage – obviously, pristine stock will garner a much higher payout than if your bottles are smashed to bits. Notes of interest:…

Behind the Scenes: Rowboats (video)

Gently down the stream. Behind the Scenes Videos
Rowboats are coming to the Sea of Thieves. This video is a look behind the development of the rowboat, and Shelly gives answers to a few common questions. Notes of interest from the video: Rowboats were prototyped early and always planned for the game You can store resources (wood, cannon balls, bananas) in a locker on the rowboat Every ship can have a rowboat You don’t spawn with a rowboat, they’re discovered in the world Rowboats are temporary, they can be damaged, lost or left behind Four pirates can fit in a rowboat  

Behind the Scenes: The Brigantine

Party of three. Behind the Scenes Videos
Tailored for a crew of three, the Brigantine ship is coming to Sea of Thieves in the Cursed Sails update! Find out how it was brought to life (and how you can expect it to measure up against other ships) with Senior Designer Andrew Preston and Software Engineer Tristan Bell. Tidbits: The brigantine wasn’t on Rare’s roadmap, but they developed it due to player feedback Initial ship designs are roughed in Maya before being modelled by the art team The layout of the brig had been shuffled around as some areas were “too easy” to access Fitting a new ship…