Regular Releases

Release Notes – 1.1.1

The Hungering Deep continues. Regular Releases
[Link] Updates Open / Closed Crew – You can now dynamically change whether your crew is open or closed while out on the seas. This option can be toggled from within the ‘My Crew’ menu. Athena’s Fortune Rewards – The chances of finding more valuable rewards have been increased. Pirate Legends and their crews can now expect to see higher rewards when embarking on their Athena’s Fortune voyages.

Release Notes – 1.0.8

Distressed Chickens. Regular Releases
[Link] Updates On to the Next! – Players can now discard unwanted voyages within the Quick Menu. No more having to propose them on the Captain’s Table and cancel them! Did You Hear That? – When you are transmitting voice over your mic, an icon will now appear on screen to let you know that you are doing so. This can be toggled on in the Audio Settings! Stories Untold – Players will now come across more Lore books on their adventures. Give and Take – Resource Crates which are being held by players can now have items put into or removed from them….

Release Notes – 1.0.7

Open and Closed. Regular Releases
[Link] Features This Seat is Taken – Players now have two crew type options available to them, Open and Closed Crews. Open Crews: This option works in the same way you’re used to. For the Galleon, an open crew will match four players together while also replacing players who leave during a game. For the Sloop, two players will be matched together, with a leaving player being replaced when possible. Closed Crews: This option allows a single player to begin a game on either a Galleon or a Sloop, allowing friends to join in when they’re available. You can now play…

Release Notes – 1.0.6

Reach for it. Regular Releases
[Link] Customisation Variety Regional Stock – Shopkeepers in different regions now only stock certain item sets, due to some mistimed deliveries. Strike a Pose – We’ve expanded our clothing range to include the Executive Admiral, Grand Admiral, Rotten Bilge Rat, Castaway Bilge Rat, Corsair Sea Dog, Ruffian Sea Dog and Imperial Sovereign sets. Ship Shape – Multiple sets of ship cosmetics have been added to the shipwright stock. Now you can purchase and equip Grand Admiral, Castaway Bilge Rat, Ruffian Sea Dog and Imperial Sovereign ship customisation sets. Ohh, Shiny! – Visit the weapon shops at the many outposts to find their stocks of…

Release Notes – 1.0.5

Ammo crate shifted ever so slightly and not much else tbh. Regular Releases
[Link] Updates New Message from Beyond – The Ferryman was unhappy with the text that had been written describing how to ‘Scuttle’ a ship, so he made them write a better version – and then walk the plank. Reload! – Adjusted position of the Ammo Crates on both ships, so they are easier to interact with. Play the next song! – Players will no longer play the same shanty twice in a row. UI Improvements – Images in the Vanity & Clothing Chests now load gracefully when browsing. In addition all UI screens now fade in when opened – Fancy!

Release Notes – 1.0.4

Legendary livery. Regular Releases
[Link] Updates Pirate Legend – The first legendary ship customisations have arrived at the Shipwright’s Shop in the Legendary Hideout! From here you can purchase your new Pirate Legend sails, hull and figurehead. Sound Effects – Players will now hear a new sound effect when they open a Lore Book and when a Merchant Alliance contract has expired. Spring Cleaning – It is now easier to place chests and skulls on shelves in the Captain’s Cabin, and to drop items overboard! [PC Only] Controller Remapping – We’ve added push-to-talk to the list of actions players can rebind on controller.

Release Notes – 1.0.3

Weapon balancing. Regular Releases
[Link] Updates Message from Beyond – A message from the Ferryman has been nailed to the door post on the Ferry of the Damned instructing players on how to scuttle their ship. This is a reminder to players that if their ship and / or crew is in a position they want to get out of, simply going to “My Crew” in the settings page and voting to “Scuttle Ship” will sink the ship and start the crew in a new location. Weapon Balancing – Reduced Blunderbuss Damage and Increased Eye of Reach damage. We’ve been reviewing the data on players weapon choices and…

Release Notes – 1.0.2

[yawn] Regular Releases
[Link] Updates Ship respawn distance – When a ship sinks, we have significantly increased the distance at which the crews new ship will respawn. Ships will now respawn outside of visible view of the ship that sank them. This is in response to lots of player feedback which highlighted that the previous spawn distance was resulting in “griefing” behaviour and stalemates at the forts! Mermaid Teleport – Pirates will now have to drop any treasure item they are carrying before being able to see the ‘Teleport back to ship’ option from the mermaid. We saw feedback that players were accidentally leaving treasure…