Regular Releases

Release Notes: 2.0.10

Festival of Giving Regular Releases
[Link] FESTIVAL OF GIVING The Outpost taverns have been dressed in jolly decorations – it’s time for the season of giving! Mysterious gifts of unknown origin have appeared throughout the Sea of Thieves, and Stitcher Jim has tasked crews with retrieving them. Rewards are on offer for delivering them to his beloved, currently camped near the wreckage of Merrick’s ship on the Uncharted Reef, now being referred to as The Reapers’ Hideout. Jim is also becoming increasingly fascinated by the secrets held within the Ashen Tomes. With rumours of a new volume of Tomes, skeleton crews have become even more…

Release Notes – 2.0.9

The Seabound Soul! Regular Releases
[Link] TALL TALES: THE SEABOUND SOUL Our Tall Tales series first started when we launched the Anniversary Edition earlier this year, and we’re delivering a brand new Tale this month with The Seabound Soul. Brave souls will be led down a dark path to discover the fate of a legendary ship called the Ashen Dragon, with the help of a mysterious gentleman whose name may ring a bell… Tall Tales: The Seabound Soul – The crumbling remains of a once-proud Galleon, the Blackwyche, gave Shipwreck Bay its name. Now a ghostly voice calls out from the wreckage. Journey to Shipwreck Bay and seek the captain’s journal in the heart…

Release Notes – 2.0.8

Fort of the Damned! Regular Releases
[Link] FORT OF THE DAMNED An eerie mist rolls into the Sea of Thieves, it transpires that not all the Dark Relics were safely retrieved, and twisted rituals have secretly continued. Dark Forces have begun to emerge from the shadows, seizing an old fort for their evil rituals and opening a window to the Sea of the Damned. Rally your crew and battle through the emerging Shadows of Fate to thwart their evil schemes! Ritual Skull Seeker Bounty Voyages – Stitcher Jim has warned of the presence of a dangerous new type of Shadow Skeletons ambushing pirates across the seas. While…

Release Notes – 2.0.7

Smugglers Fortune! Pets! Pirate Emporium! More! Regular Releases
[Link] In addition to new Voyages, updates and general improvements, Smuggler’s Fortune ushers in the Pirate Emporium, where players can get their hooks on a feathery or furry personal friend alongside new emotes and ship cosmetics. With the opening of Duke’s Black Market too, Smuggler’s Fortune promises plenty of opportunities to further personalise your pirate adventures. SMUGGLER’S FORTUNE Following the delivery of Reaper’s Chests to Duke during Dark Relics, he’s now managed to crack open the chests and reap the valuable items inside. Unfortunately, alongside all the treasures, it turns out that many of the Reaper’s Chests simply contained bones, rags and shards that…

Release Notes – 2.0.4

Fixes and fixes and fixes. Regular Releases
Note: I’ve skipped the last few release weeks of releases as they’ve mostly been fixes only – but you can read them here: 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.0.3.  [Link] Updates The Arena Matchmaking Update – Some changes have been made to matchmaking in The Arena and players are now more likely to be pitted against a new rival crew after each contest. Your own crew will remain the same, and this change will only affect who you face in The Arena. Producer Jason Cross goes into more detail in this Forum post. The Hunter’s Call and Sea Dogs Letters of Recommendation – Duke now offers…

Release Notes – 1.4.5

Happy Birthday, Sea of Thieves! Regular Releases
Come and join us as we celebrate Sea of Thieves’ first anniversary with a treasure trove of gifts for you all! While the full-sized Anniversary Update is coming a little further down the line, today’s build brings some special time-limited items to mark one year since launch. Whether you’ve been sailing with us since day one or since yesterday, there’s something special here to help you enjoy the festivities. [Link] MERCENARY VOYAGES Reaper’s Run of Shipwreck Bay – Duke offers another treacherous Reaper’s Run Voyage costing 5 Doubloons to challenge daring pirates. Any crew willing to accept this challenge must brave the waters surrounding Shipwreck…

Release Notes – 1.4.1

Gilded Voyages! Regular Releases
[Link] Gilded Gifts ‘Tis the season to be jolly! As we approach the end of an incredible year for Sea of Thieves, the Pirate Lord has decided to reward the sheer volume of piracy displayed with a gift for every pirate who sails the seas during December, in an initiative he’s calling Gilded Gifts. Wondering what he has in store for you? Visit Duke at any Outpost tavern this month and purchase a Gilded Voyage for the fine sum of 0 Doubloons. This special voyage type with its high-value rewards will add some real holiday joy to your inventory. But choose carefully:…

Release Notes – 1.3.1

Cargo Rums Runs are here! Regular Releases
[Link] Updates Cargo Runs – These voyages offer an alternative way to climb the ranks of the Merchant Alliance. Obtain a contract, find out who’s waiting with the cargo, grab it and go! Don’t dawdle or damage the goods if you want the full reward when you reach your destination. The Merchants have standards… Skeleton Ship Rewards – Skeleton Captain-led ships at the end of ship battles now give four Skeleton Captain Chests and four Skeleton Captain Skulls instead of two each. Rowboat Damage – Increased damage now taken by Rowboats from Gunpowder Barrels. Stuck Rowboats – You can now push Rowboats that are…

Release Notes – 1.2.5

Regular Releases
[Link] In Patch 1.2.5, we see the first of our quality of life improvements to the barrel system. These improvements to empty barrel identification and resource level increases are the first of many improvements we have planned for future updates. Updates Bilge Rat Doubloons – To reward pirates who keep the skeleton scourge at bay, Doubloons for Cursed Crews Commendations will remain available to earn even after the Cursed Crews Bilge Rat Adventure ends. Empty Barrel Tooltip – Barrels now display a tooltip to indicate they are empty. Players will no longer need to interact with a barrel in order to discover…

Release Notes – 1.2.2

Are you a Fleet Protector of the Ancient Isles? Regular Releases
[Link] Thank you to everyone who reported an issue with The Fleet Protector of the Ancient Isles Commendation during Week 2 of Cursed Sails. We’ve issued a fix for this and from now on there’ll be no issue in receiving the Commendation after completing the battle in Week 3. Those of you who met the requirements for the Commendation during Week 2 of Cursed Sails but didn’t receive it, we’ve got your data logged and we’re working on a system to deliver you your rewards! So that you can use those rewards towards the exclusive cosmetics, we’ll be extending Cursed…

Release Notes – 1.2.1

Holy straight cannon fire! Regular Releases
[Link] Updates Cursed Sails Battle Times – Players who can only play during fixed times will be able to battle for a different region each week. For example, if this week your fixed playtime only allows you to encounter The Battle for the Shores of Plenty, next week you will encounter The Great Battle of the Ancient Isles during the same fixed playtime. This change was made in response to community feedback. Cursed Sails Battle Encounter Indicator – Battle music can now be heard from greater distances. Additionally, the flow when UI banners appear and music plays has been improved. Cursed Sails Resources – Treasure items and…

Release Notes – 1.1.8

It’s a small one. Regular Releases
It’s a small update this week, with minor bug fixes and performance improvements. Updates Great Water – Improved lighting, reflection and movement of water within the ship. UI Update – Ampersands have been updated to be more visible on loading screens and in UI header fonts. Performance Improvements Sinking items now despawn at the lowest depths the player can swim to, instead of sinking beyond. This improves overall game performance. Multiple server and client crash fixes. View the full notes.

Release Notes – 1.1.7

Merry Merrick Regular Releases
Updates Merry Merrick – More of Merrick’s lore books can be found! This time Merrick recounts the stories from during The Hungering Deep, as well as immortalising his son Derrick in a new family portrait… Pennant Flags – When raising a ship flag, the accompanying Pennants will no longer be equipped. Pennant flags are returning to the Sea of Thievesvery soon, with a new and improved purpose! Performance Improvements Improved connection stability to resolve the infrequent Alabasterbeard errors. Multiple server and client crash fixes. Further improvements and optimisations for all platforms are ongoing. Fixed Issues Changes to pirate appearance (such as hair colour /…

Release Notes – 1.1.5

Still blowing sh*t up Regular Releases
To mark 20 Years of Banjo-Kazooie, players will now be able to purchase a majestic Bear & Bird Figurehead for a very fitting price of 1998 gold! This figurehead is only available during the month of July, so make sure you join in the celebration and purchase it while you can! This week we’ve banned a number of players who we’ve been able to confirm have been cheating. Those players have been contacted via email and we’ve removed their Sea of Thieves account privileges. We will continue enforcing a zero tolerance policy to this behaviour and taking regular action against…

Release Notes – 1.1.3

Bone Thrones continues. Regular Releases
[Link]   Updates Megalodon – Since the retreat of The Hungering One back into the deep, there have been reported sightings of other Megalodons terrorising the Sea of Thieves. It’s been discovered that these new Megalodons have different personalities – some seem to turn tail at the sight of a Galleon, whilst others are said to be just as unforgiving as The Hungering One! Gold bag icons – The icons for the Bilge Rat gold bags have been updated to better show the value of the gold within!