No Skellies glitch: fix underway

Rolling out to servers. Tidbits
During the Cursed Sails event, some players have found that Skeleton Ships spawn with no crew, allowing free roam of the ships as well as a less than challenging ‘battle’. A fix to this issue is rolling out to servers directly. Comment from discussion Rare-Sonicbob’s comment from discussion "Rare, you need to do something about this.". Via: Reddit.

One million friendships made on Xbox Live

I feel so emote-tional <3 Tidbits
Over one million of you have formed Xbox Live friendships through #SeaOfThieves. If that's not cause to celebrate #InternationalFriendshipDay, we don't know what is! We expect many more friendships to be formed via Alliances, read about them here: https://t.co/zFDeRs01iu pic.twitter.com/EggNhMYe1T — Sea of Thieves (@SeaOfThieves) July 30, 2018

Crooked cannon fire

There’s a fix on the way Tidbits
Updated 8th Aug 2018: Fixed! For a while now, firing yourself out of a cannon while travelling at high speeds on your ship has occasionally sent you flying at an obtuse angle, landing you well behind (or in front of) your target. It’s been listed as a known issue for a couple of months now, to the frustration of many, but a fix is on the way. Responding to a Reddit post, Senior Producer, Drew Stevens wrote: With our Cursed Sails build into its final testing phase, we have been able to free a little time to investigate the dreaded…

What’s the deal with all the inactive skeleton forts?

They’re a good place to weather a storm, but not much else. Tidbits
Currently only Keel Haul Fort, Shark Fin Camp, and The Crow’s Nest Fortress become active for raids. The other forts, while looking exciting and markedly different, never activate. What’s the deal!? There’s been plenty of banter about this on /r/seaofthieves, but Senior Producer, Drew Stevens recently weighed in with an explanation. We built most of the Forts well in advance of the feature coming together for launch and during Playtesting had to make lots of changes to the environment to make them a great play space. We focussed on the core 3 for launch and couldn’t get to the rest….