Golden Skull Sails

A Black Friday Sail. News
To celebrate Black Friday, Sea of Thieves have release a very time-limited set of Black Friday Sails (get it!?). These are available to purchase on the Microsoft store (with real money) for USD $7.99. The sale runs from Thursday morning (00:00 GMT) till midnight on Tuesday, so get in quick! Note: I recommend signing up for Microsoft Rewards. There’s a wide range of simple activities you can do to earn Rewards points (including simply playing Sea of Thieves), and the $5 and $10 Xbox gift cards are easy to get every month or two. Perfect for occasional Ancient Coin purchases….

The Twitch Prime Pirate Pack

Get a free* pet, ship livery, and 3 emotes. News
Sea of Thieves has announced a Twitch Prime promotion that will net pirates a wonderful (and very purple) cosmetic set: The Twitch Prime Pirate Pack. Introducing the @TwitchPrime Pirate Pack! This includes the Amethyst Soul Capuchin, three new emotes and the Celestial Steed Hull, Sails, Flag and Figurehead. Twitch Prime subscribers can tap the link to get this exclusive loot! Yes it had to be purple. 🐵 — Sea of Thieves (@SeaOfThieves) November 25, 2019 This is the first broad pet giveaway, so if you haven’t quite managed to kill enough coin-bois to afford one, this is a great…

Making the ‘Sea of Thieves: Origins’ Comics

Bonus: FREE COMICS! Tidbits
On the Sea of Thieves blog this week, the team have detailed the process of bringing the Sea of Thieves: Origins comics to life. Origins is a short series of stand-alone comics that focus on each of the first three Trading Companies. It’s an incredibly collaborative process, with Rare writers suggesting outlines and the comics artists adjusting to the lore and existing game mechanics so the story resonates with players. “The great thing about working on videogame-based comics is finding a new way to celebrate the pre-existing visuals and the narrative. The Sea of Thieves game is rich with striking stylistic characters,…

Adventure Q&A

Chris Davies and Steven Dillon answer questions from the community. Roundups
In October the Sea of Thieves community team hosted a Q&A with Senior Designer Chris Davies and Game Designer Steven Dillon. I’ve collected all of the answered questions below, lightly edited. You should note that a small handful of questions were answered with jokes, or in a decidedly ambiguous fashion – As always, these have been omitted from this roundup, but you can go looking for them here (however I’ve left ones in about Captaincy as these seem to indicate that a Captaincy update is in active development).     Q. “Captaincy for Pirate Legends” that is the question. Chris:…

Skeleton pets!

Get ready for the bones brigade. Tidbits
The Fort of the Damned update is due to go live tomorrow, but we’ve already got our first hint of some incoming cosmetics. The Pirate Emporium page on the official Sea of Thieves website received a stealth update to the banner earlier today, with an image highlighting two new pet variations – both of the skeletal variety. These will no doubt be available to purchase with Ancient Coin, but we’re yet to find out if they’re time-limited. It’s certainly possible given the spooky theme of this month’s update. If you pull out your spy glass you’ll also note the Killer…

Talk Like a Pirate Day: Twitch Drops

Watch a Twitch stream, get some cannons! Tidbits
Talk Like a Pirate Day is arrrrrrrrrrrlmost upon us. To celebrate, Sea of Thieves is partnering with Twitch to give away these spiffy Obsidian Cannons! (We knew they were coming eventually). It’s easy to get these lovely boom-shooters. Here’s how: Head to and link your Sea of Thieves account with your Twitch account. Watch any of the listed streams on Thursday 19th of September (10am BST on September 19th until 10am BST on September 20th) for at least 30 minutes. TIP: You can watch the official weekly Sea of Thieves stream with Captain Falcore as part of the promotion….

Sightings: Ancient Skeletons

Shoot them quick! Tidbits
As part of the introduction of the Pirate Emporium, Rare also brought a new enemy to the game – the Ancient Skeleton. As you explore the world in both Adventure and Arena, you’ll have a rare chance of encountering this beastie. He’ll dig out of the ground with a flourish and make a run for it. If you can capture him, you – and your crew – will earn some Ancient Coin (Rare’s in-game currency available to buy with real money). Now, we’re starting to see live encounters from the game. Reddit user TruEdits killed on on Shipwreck Bay with…

Join the Creator Crew

Rare launches a suite of tools and assets for Creators. News
As promised in a Dev Update video a couple of weeks ago, Sea of Thieves has officially launched its Creator Crew program. The team explained their motivation for rolling out this new program, as well as the details of the program itself, in a news post on the Sea of Thieves site. Since launch, 593,000 players have livestreamed the game, with hundreds of thousands more sharing content across Xbox Live, social media or YouTube. The creativity, humour and storytelling ability shown by our creators has been an inspiration to us, and they’ve played a huge role in making Sea of Thieves the…

Official Adventure Q&A

Mike Chapman, Joe Neate and Ryan Stevenson answer questions from the community. Roundups
On Monday the Sea of Thieves community team hosted a Q&A with Joe (EP), Mike (Design Director) and Ryan (Art Director). I’ve collected all of the answered questions below, lightly edited. You should note that a small handful of questions were answered with jokes, or in a decidedly ambiguous fashion – these have been omitted from this roundup, but you can go looking for them here.     Q: Are there any secrets in the game that seemingly no one has found? Mike: There are definitely dots to connect that no one has realised yet.   Q: Could setting bounties…

Duke’s Black Market

Save your doubloons. News
Drew Stevens, a senior producer on Sea of Thieves, has been encouraging Redditors to save their doubloons for some time now. [The Reaper’s Chest will be] our first repeatable reward that delivers Doubloons! It’s almost like you should be saving up for something… Now we know how that will broadly shake out. On this week’s Dev Update, Joe Neate filled us in on Duke’s Black Market, which will arrive in the game with the September update. Duke will sell new cosmetics, as well as variations on previously time-limited sets, for doubloons. Variations of outpost items (the ones that are permanent…

Fire, exclamation mark

Noted leaker James “BIGsheep” Thomas spills the beans again. Tidbits
Attentive Sea of Thieves watchers will know Rare developer, James “BIGsheep” Thomas, as the man whose belligerence gave us mermaid gems, and who also accidentally confirmed parrots as pets on a live stream that time. Well, pirates, he’s done it again. On this week’s weekly stream, James glanced at the chat, and then spilled the beans: I think the biggest thing we’ve announced that’s coming soon is fire Andy Preston quickly looked at him, saying “Is that announced yet?” James: “Are you kidding me?” The reactions are priceless. Look out it's happened again. 🔥🔥🔥 — Sea of News 🏴‍☠️📜🎣…

This… is… Sparta!

Getting the full Spartan ship set has never been easier. News
In June, Rare revealed the Spartan ship set as part of E3. Obtaining the set was as easy as playing Sea of Thieves at least once over a few days. And now it’s back, this time with cannons, capstan and wheel in tow! Obtaining the set is, once again, a walk in the park: set sail on the seas any time from August 20th-24th, either Adventure or Arena. Play Sea of Thieves at any time during Gamescom next week (August 20th-24th) to earn the complete @Halo Spartan Ship Set! Already have the items from E3? This will add the wheel,…

Official Tall Tales Q&A

Mike Chapman and Andy Preston answer questions from the community. Roundups
On Wednesday the Sea of Thieves community team hosted a Q&A with the Tall Tales design team. I’ve collected all of the answered questions below, lightly edited. You should note that a small handful of questions were answered only with smiley faces – these have been omitted from this roundup due to their overly ambiguous nature, but you can go looking for them here. I’ve arranged the answers by topic for your convenience: Tease + future content Tall Tales (questions, comments, ideas) Developing Tall Tales Lore     Tease + future content   Q. Has the team considered adding elements…

Hit registration is being worked on

Yes, it’s an issue. Yes, it’s being improved. But there’s “no silver bullet”. Roundups
Update – 14 July 2019: Hit reg improvements are now in testing with Insiders. Hey! We have our Hit Reg improvements in Insiders right now, jump in and come hep us test out the latest improvements! Joe describes the improvements as “significant” and “super promising”. Original post: Longtime players of Sea of Thieves know that hit registration in the game has always been a bit patchy. You shoot, get the hitmarker, but no damage is done. This kind of thing happens a lot in online games, but many feel that Sea of Thieves can be worse than most. The arrival…

Sea of Tease Roundup

Reconnect, emotes, pets and more. Tidbits
Sea of Thieves Executive Producer, Drew Stevens, is the most active dev on Reddit – even though many more of the team seem to be heavy lurkers. Drew – aka Sonicbob – usually tends to be most active in the period after game updates. After the release of Black Powder Stashes, he’s dropped in to reply to a few questions and comments. It’s been a while since we’ve had any real “Sea of Tease” from the devs, but there’s a small handful of tidbits here: A reconnect feature is in development A common complaint, especially among solo pirates, is that…