Ship speeds revealed, for real

If you’ve ever wondered which ships are fastest in which sail configuration, wonder no longer. Community
There is a lot of accepted wisdom when it comes to sailing in Sea of Thieves. Not long after launch, pirates discovered that when a sloop’s sails are directly squared against the wind, the ship travels faster than with the sails angled to either side. Even now, that is still occasionally disputed in the community. And the Brigantine is faster than the galleon. Or is it? YouTuber kiwhen recently decided to find out the facts of the situation with as much accuracy as possible. The result is a fascinating look at the physics of the game. To ascertain speed, you…

Fan art: check out this incredible pirate diorama

3D artist Miguel Delgado commemorates his 2-man crew. Community
Something many pirates have requested as a merch option for Sea of Thieves is the ability to purchase a figurine of your pirate – something you can sit on your desk, or next to your gaming set up at home. 3D artist Miguel Delgado took matters into his own very talented hands by designing, printing, crafting and painting a diorama of his two-man crew! Miguel did the digital 3D work with Zbrush & Maya, then 3D printed and hand-painted the final work. The result is stunning! We got in touch with Miguel who graciously took to the time for a quick…

Community Shenanagins

24-to-48 hours of pure pirate pedantry. Community
Updated: Video from The Cutthroats added above! While some of us can eek out a couple of hours to sail the seas every week, other absolute madmen spend days hunting and hoarding. Reddit user /u/JPizzel133 and his crew spent about 24 hours turning their Brigantine into a trash barge. Why? Why not! Watch to the end to see what treasure awaits in the hold. “I Love Trash” from r/Seaofthieves Card Not to be outdone, the insane pirate posse known as The Cutthroats spent 48 hours collecting over one thousand skulls, then carefully arranging them on a fort to celebrate Halloween. The…