Tracking the storm in Sea of Thieves

This map will show you exactly where the storm is heading in real time!

(TL;DR: Open the real-time storm tracker.)

The Storm is one of the most iconic interactive elements in Sea of Thieves. It towers on the horizon, imposing in its size and stature. In fact, one of the most memorable and re-shared images from well before game’s release was this incredible moment from the gameplay walk-through trailer in 2017:

Theories on how the storm travels the map have abounded since launch. Among the more common ideas are that the storm bounces from edge to edge (like the old Windows screen saver), that it’s completely random, or that the direction of the wind around the storm indicates where it’s headed.

Some, however, had long held the belief that the storm’s path repeats and, indeed, could even be tracked. This idea lead the team from Ancient Isles University to undertake a mammoth task: follow the storm and track its movements over time in order to determine a pattern. And what do you know… During their 10th storm chase the team recorded a repeating path from the 7th chase, a huge break.

Building on this excitement, the team embarked on a total of 27 storm chases, eventually filling out all the gaps and proving out their theory to be correct:

The storm in Sea of Thieves is not random. It follows and repeats a long, predetermined loop over a span of 100 real-life hours.

To put all this research to practical use, the the AIU team (and @Skulliah in particular), have published a real-time interactive Storm Tracker for Sea of Thieves, which allows you to see the exact location of the storm at any given moment, as well as it’s predicted path for the next 2 hours.


It’s the team’s hope that savvy pirates will use the Sea of Thieves storm tracker for all manner of exploits – a fishing expedition, a wily escape, or simply avoiding the storm altogether, perhaps. Tools not rules, after all.

Read more about the storm chasing exploits of the Ancient Isles University team – including a full writeup of the experience, and stats about the wettest and driest islands – at


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