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The latest update arrives April 22nd.
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As part of Inside Xbox for April 2020, the Sea of Thieves team announced details of the next major update: Ships of Fortune.

While the content update video has some great visuals and resents a nice overview, a post on Xbox Wire gives a little more detail into the changes this update brings to the game.

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Outpost Trading Companies want you to join their cause by becoming an Emissary. This brings a “newly expanded reputation system”, and offers new cosmetics.

According to the Xbox Wire article, Emissary roles “are highly prized, so you’ll need to make a significant donation to prove you appreciate the privilege,” though we don’t know what the fee will be at this stage.

Holding on to you loot for longer will earn you a cash-in multiplier.

Hoist the Emissary Flag as you serve in this prestigious role, and advance through five Grades by exemplifying your chosen Company – for example, by finding and unearthing chests as a Gold Hoarder. The higher your Grade, the bigger the multiplier you’ll get when cashing in your haul! Beware, as other pirates will know that an Emissary’s ship is likely to be laden with loot.

There’s also mention of an Emissary Ledger, that tracks your progress allowing you to “compare your progress to that of your friends.”

New Trading Company: The Reaper’s Bones

This new company is based on Reaper’s Hideout, and members are tasked with sinking and stealing the emissary flags of other companies.


This release also brings a revival mechanic to Arena and Adventure. When you’ve been bested your crew will have a small window during which you can be revived.

New pets: Cats!

Cats have made their way to the seas to join you on your adventures! Three breeds will be available: Wildcats, Ragamuffins and Maus, with colour options for each.

Arena Updates

Arena now has reduced scope of the contests, creating a more action-packed affair. Maps are gone, and all crews will now battle for single chests, marked by a beacon and visible to all, with a single cash-in location. Arena contests are now 15 minutes.

Leading up to release, we’ll surely get some more detail on the updated reputation system, as well as emissary grades and how the ledger works – so stay tuned for all the details as they come to hand.

For more, read the full article over at Xbox Wire, or check out our thread on Twitter to let us know what you think!


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