Get the Mutinous Fist ship set

Celebrate the launch of Bleeding Edge.

Another week, another Xbox Games Studios cross-promotion. For the next three days you can earn each part of the Mutinous Fist: the flag, sails and hull.

Earning these cosmetics is simple – just log in to Sea of Thieves during the eligibility period for each item and the ship parts will appear directly in your inventory.

Here’s the period for each, in BST (British Summer Time):

  • 12am April 3rd – 8am April 4th: Mutinous Fist Flag Sails
  • 12am April 4th – 8am April 5th: Mutinous Fist Sails Flag?
  • 12am April 5th – 8am April 6th: Mutinous Fist Hull

Eagle-eyed pirates will notice that the fairly impressive figurehead in the footage is not listed in the available items.

The Sea of Thieves twitter account confirms it’s coming soon:

As always, follow us on Twitter to be notified when each piece is available!


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