Sea of Thieves 2nd Anniversary

Get in on the festivities!

To celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Sea of Thieves Rare have announced a slew of events and giveaways. Here’s the full list so you don’t miss out!

“X” Marks the Spot Eye of Reach

Play Sea of Thieves between March 20th and March 23rd and you’ll automatically receive this time-limited eye of reach (pictured above).

Anniversary Stream + Spinal Figurehead

Watch the official Anniversary Stream on Friday 20th March at 5PM GMT to obtain the Spinal Figurehead. You must watch on Mixer and be logged in with the Microsoft account you use to play Sea of Thieves.

The stream guest is writer/director/actor Burnie Burns of Red vs. Blue fame, who recently tweeted about completing all the Xbox Achievements for Sea of Thieves – although that tweet has mysteriously been removed

Free Play Days for Xbox Gold members

Sea of Thieves will be free to play for anyone with Xbox Gold from March 18th to March 23rd.

Anniversary Event

Beginning March 20th, we’ll see a series of Anniversary Events that will run for the next three weeks. The intent here is to “celebrate” some of the early content updates in the game that newer players might not have had the pleasure of experiencing. These events will revolve around The Hungering Deep, Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores.

Joe mentions in the latest Sea of Thieves News video, that these events will give people the chance to earn “some” of the cosmetics that, up until now, were time limited to those events – although he stresses, “not all”. An example from the Sea of Thieves news post about the festivities highlights Merrick’s Drum as one available item.

Then from March 30th for a week, completing three objectives will award “stunning Bleeding Edge-inspired” ship cosmetics.

This post will be updated with links to track your objectives as the events go live!


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