Chain-shot is coming to Sea of Thieves

“Load your guns with chain shot! Aim for their rigging!”

UPDATE: Chain-shot is officially confirmed.

In the latest Sea of Thieves News video, chain-shot has been confirmed. Along with some footage of the new ammo-type in action, a short interview gave some details of how chain-shot will behave.

  • Chain-shot will deal full damage to any ship part (capstan, wheel, mast) with a direct hit.
  • If you hit a ship’s hull with chain-shot it will result in the smallest hole.
  • Chain-shot has a shorter range than cannonballs, so engagements will need to be tactical.

Original post:

Every month the Sea of Thieves Creator Crew page is updated with an assets pack for the release, allowing creators to use images, sounds, gifs and renders from the update.

Earlier today. eagle eyed creator Ritchie SH discovered that the most recent pack (now removed from the page) contained this image:

Obviously originally intended as key visuals for this – or a future – update, it somehow snuck its way into the assets zip file.

The image shows a pirate in the foreground holding what looks like a split cannonball connected by a short length of chain – a projectile known as chain-shot. In the mid-ground we see airborne chain-shot, perhaps ricocheting of the mast as the mast collapses.

Chain-shot has been a common suggestion from players as a new ammo type for cannons. In the age of piracy, chain-shot was used to shoot at the masts, sails or rigging of the target ship.

How chain-shot will work in Sea of Thieves remains to be seen, but this image seems to indicate the new ammo type will arrive sooner rather than later.


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