Yes, you can finally change your Pirate in Sea of Thieves!

So are you going extra-thin, or extra-wide?

In today’s Sea of Thieves News video (check out the new format), Joe announced that players will finally be able to change their pirates appearance while maintaining their progression!

Until now, players have had one chance to choose their pirate’s look using the Infinite Pirate Generator (IPG). The IPG randomly (mostly) rolls fully formed characters including gender, size and a huge amount of other traits. The only way to get a new look for your pirate was to delete them entirely and begin the game again. Over time this has become an issue for many pirates who either missed the fact it was a fixed choice, or grew to dislike various features of their character. It’s been a very common request of the dev team for some time.

The character re-roll takes the form of a Pirate Appearance Potion that you can purchase from the Pirate Emporium. It costs 150 Ancient Coin, which is about $2 (USD) – but there are ways to reduce the price, ranging from a Game Pass discount, buying Ancient Coin in bulk, killing an Ancient Skeleton, or using Microsoft Rewards points to earn Xbox credit.

Footage of the feature in action shows the normal IPG in action, so don’t expect any in-depth character creation – although you will have the ability to exit the process and come back later if you wish (no hours upon hours of regenerating pirates if you don’t find that perfect look right away).

A few polls on Twitter show that anywhere between 10-25% of respondents are interested in changing their pirate, while many observers are aghast at the thought.

Will you be re-rolling your pirate, and if so: why? Let me know on Twitter.


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