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The swords they are a-changin’.
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The next game update is due December 11th, so Joe’s here to cover some incoming quality-of-life changes. Expect more information about the “appropriately themed” (🎅) update next week. But for now, here’s a summary:

Sword combat changes.

The overall goal of these changes is to make sword combat more fluid. Joe clarifies this is “one step along the path to improving personal combat”.

Changes include:

  • Reduced cool-down for missed swings
  • Successfully blocking removes your own stun-lock (meaning you can block and move while absorbing hits)
  • A brief delay when equipping the sword (brings it in line with gun wielding). Ed: This seems to be related to animation cancelling? 
  • Directional damage indicator when you’re taking damage
  • “Sword trails” on the cutlass so you can better visualise the swings as they’re happening

There’s more combat changes planned in the future.

Other QOL updates

Black Market Archive – Previously available Black Market items will now live in the archive, for a higher price.

Ammo crates – These will now spawn at a normal rate in the world.

Collectors Chests – Can now be sold for gold + rep.

Vomit – Spewsies will not extinguish fire.


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