Golden Skull Sails

A Black Friday Sail.

To celebrate Black Friday, Sea of Thieves have release a very time-limited set of Black Friday Sails (get it!?).

These are available to purchase on the Microsoft store (with real money) for USD $7.99.

The sale runs from Thursday morning (00:00 GMT) till midnight on Tuesday, so get in quick!

Note: I recommend signing up for Microsoft Rewards. There’s a wide range of simple activities you can do to earn Rewards points (including simply playing Sea of Thieves), and the $5 and $10 Xbox gift cards are easy to get every month or two. Perfect for occasional Ancient Coin purchases. Be sure to install the Rewards app on your Xbox and install the Game Pass mobile app to maximise your points earnings!

And finally, if you have a collection of potential pirates amongst your friends who haven’t get set sail, the game itself is currently half price.


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