Making the ‘Sea of Thieves: Origins’ Comics


On the Sea of Thieves blog this week, the team have detailed the process of bringing the Sea of Thieves: Origins comics to life.

Origins is a short series of stand-alone comics that focus on each of the first three Trading Companies.

It’s an incredibly collaborative process, with Rare writers suggesting outlines and the comics artists adjusting to the lore and existing game mechanics so the story resonates with players.

“The great thing about working on videogame-based comics is finding a new way to celebrate the pre-existing visuals and the narrative. The Sea of Thieves game is rich with striking stylistic characters, details on every island and a ceaselessly wondrous open ocean. To capture the spirit of the game’s swashbuckling adventures, we needed a combination of incredible artistic talent to go along with fast-paced and intriguing writing!”

Click through to read a wonderful overview of the process.


Attendees of NYCC 2019 received free print editions of each Origins issue, but for those who have missed out digital versions are now available for free on comiXology.

To get them: sign in to your comiXology account, then click the links below to redeem codes for each issue.

Sea of Thieves Origins #1: The Price of Gold (SOTGOLD)

Sea of Thieves Origins #2: The Bonds of Union (SOT_GMU)

Sea of Thieves Origins #3: The Vision of Order (SOT_SEER)



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