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Ghoul and Glory!
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A short dev update this week, but a small handful of interesting tidbits. You should watch the video above as always, but here’s a summary for piratical posterity.

Fort of the Damned

The update has landed really well with players. It’s created a huge variety of player stories, with amazing moments.

A Fort Completion hotfix has rolled out which should completely clear up any missed commendations moving forward. (You should note this is not a retroactive fix, which is disappointing).

The Arena

Duo Sloops has been very popular in Arena, and the overall number of players playing both Galleon and Sloop matches has grown with this update.

The Emporium

With the additional emotes now available in the game, there’s been a lot of feedback around expanding the emote radial to allow for more than 8 slots. The team is indeed working on this, and they hope to have it ready for November’s update.

A reminder that cursed pets availability is time-limited, so you’ll need to pick them up before mid-November.

Ghoul and Glory – double gold/rep

From the 29th of October to the 4th of November all gold and reputation earned will be worth double the normal amount! What a wonderful Halloween treat!


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