Sightings: Ancient Skeletons

Shoot them quick!

As part of the introduction of the Pirate Emporium, Rare also brought a new enemy to the game – the Ancient Skeleton.

As you explore the world in both Adventure and Arena, you’ll have a rare chance of encountering this beastie. He’ll dig out of the ground with a flourish and make a run for it. If you can capture him, you – and your crew – will earn some Ancient Coin (Rare’s in-game currency available to buy with real money).

Now, we’re starting to see live encounters from the game.

Reddit user TruEdits killed on on Shipwreck Bay with a payout of 148 coins, and UnknownSpectre found one on Smuggler’s Bay that paid 581 coins. Since then, cascaseno has killed an old boy on Shipwreck Bay for 105 coins.

And on Twitter, @banzie09 nabbed a cool 500 coins on Tribute Peak.

In response to a Reddit post, Senior Producer Drew Stevens commented:

Woohoo Second Spot – and a big payout as well.

We’re pretty happy with the payout range, and will be regularly monitoring and assessing the encounter frequency to ensure they are spawning as we intend.

While two of the above sightings took place on Shipwreck Bay, that’s more than likely due to the high likelihood of players completing Mercenary Voyages there.

The payout range seems to be between 100-600 coins, which seems very reasonable considering a single emote costs 150 and a pet is 499.

We’ll keep an eye on sighting and update this post if the range increases.

Have you killed an Ancient Skeleton? Let us know the details on Twitter.


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