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Rare launches a suite of tools and assets for Creators.
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As promised in a Dev Update video a couple of weeks ago, Sea of Thieves has officially launched its Creator Crew program.

The team explained their motivation for rolling out this new program, as well as the details of the program itself, in a news post on the Sea of Thieves site.

Since launch, 593,000 players have livestreamed the game, with hundreds of thousands more sharing content across Xbox Live, social media or YouTube. The creativity, humour and storytelling ability shown by our creators has been an inspiration to us, and they’ve played a huge role in making Sea of Thieves the game and the community it is today.

The Creator Crew is our way of saying thank you to our creative community, and to support the millions like them who’d like to start making content but lack the specific knowledge or spark to get started.

Anyone is able to join the Creator Crew and get access to downloadable assets, how-to videos, and access to the Creators Crew forum. The program also initially includes perks for streamers, with gold, doubloons and cosmetic rewards as well as in-game titles – all for streaming Sea of Thieves. Just keep in mind that you need to have a Twitch or Mixer account to join (although YouTube support is coming).

While the focus of the program at launch is on video creators – streamers in particular – the team at Rare have made it clear that the program will expand to support, grow and encourage a much wider range of creators. This is welcome news considering the amount of other artists, musicians and makers who passionately pump out wonderful Sea of Thieves inspired creations.

Regardless of the initial focus on streamers, the assets available for download will surely be useful to a wide range of Sea of Thieves enthusiasts. There’s a large selection of images, sounds and music, logos, renders, and even character animations. YouTubers, podcasters, artists and even meme-creators should find an abundance of useful files.

Finally, as an encouragement to all pirates to dip their toes into streaming, any member of the Creator Crew can obtain these lovely Creator Crew starter sails by streaming the game on a connected Twitch or Mixer account for just five minutes. Easy!

Watch the video above to get the full run-down, then head over to the Creator Crew page on the Sea of Thieves site to join!


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