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Behind the Scenes: Pets

Who’s a good monkey?
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In this Behind the Scenes video Jon McFarlane is joined by Mike Chapman and Josh Mitchell to discuss the upcoming addition of Pets in Sea of Thieves. Watch the video above for the full run down.

As always, if you don’t have time to watch the video we’ve included a full summary below.

Mike loved the idea that pets could “become a sidekick” and “feel like another member of the crew”.

At launch the available pets will be Monkeys (Capuchins & Barbarys) and Parrots (Macaws & Parakeets).

Pets can be named and dressed in outfits, and each breed of pet will have several colour variants. They respond or join in with your emotes. If you play music they’ll dance. They hang out on the ship, moving around and perching/sitting in various spots. They’ll react to events like a kraken attack, or taking cannon fire.

If you place a pet on a perch spot they’ll stay there until you remove them, allow you to be strategic when off-ship if you need to be.

You can interact with pets that belong to members of your crew, or rival crews you meet out in the world.

To equip your pet, head to the Pet chest outside of the Pirate Emporium. There’s a pet chest on each ship too. From there you can pick a pet, dress it, and name it.

In the future we’ll see more pet types (keen eyed Sea of Thieves watchers will be aware of more animals shown in the art book and early trailers), and more outfits.

Pets can be purchased for Ancient Coin, which is a new currency you can buy with real-world money through the Pirate Emporium.


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