Duke’s Black Market

Save your doubloons.

Drew Stevens, a senior producer on Sea of Thieves, has been encouraging Redditors to save their doubloons for some time now.

[The Reaper’s Chest will be] our first repeatable reward that delivers Doubloons! It’s almost like you should be saving up for something…

Now we know how that will broadly shake out. On this week’s Dev Update, Joe Neate filled us in on Duke’s Black Market, which will arrive in the game with the September update.

Duke will sell new cosmetics, as well as variations on previously time-limited sets, for doubloons. Variations of outpost items (the ones that are permanent in the game) will rotate through the Black Market over time, and can be purchased with gold.

Senior Designer, Chris Davies, penned an informative article on detailing how cosmetics will be sold, as well as some of the sets we can expect to see in September:

Each month, Duke will be offering the following kinds of cosmetics:

Variants of previously time-limited or exclusive sets

In September, Duke will be offering Black Market-exclusive versions of several Bone Crusher items. As many of you will remember, Bone Crusher cosmetics were previously only available for a limited period of time last year. Duke has managed to get his hands on some revamped versions of these items that everyone will be able to purchase.

Duke has also found himself in possession of updated versions of some other limited sets that will be revealed over the coming months.

These items will be on sale for Doubloons.

Brand new additions to existing sets

Over the coming months, Duke will offer items from sets that, until now, have not been possible to fully complete.

These will be on sale for Doubloons.

Brand new sets

Also planned for the next few months, Duke has managed to secure some brand new sets that will be sold exclusively within his Black Market.

These will be on sale for Doubloons.

Variants of Outpost shop items

Duke has also sourced some revamped versions of items that can be commonly found in the Outpost shops. In September, he’s offering up fetching new variants of the Ocean Crawler weapons, with more great items lined up for the coming months.

These will be on sale for gold.

Returning Items

Don’t fret if you miss out on any of the above items in any given month, as Duke intends to bring all his Black Market goods back into circulation in future. He’ll reveal more about this at a future date.

With doubloons now flowing so freely through the game – obtainable from voyages, commendations, and Reaper’s Chests – Duke will limit the number of Letters of Recommendation you can purchase to level up Trading Companies. You’ll only be allowed to purchase one level, per Trading Company, per month. (In this instance the “month” is the duration of each update, not a calendar month).

Finally, because doubloons will now be an active currency in the game, voyages you obtain from Duke will be free from Septembers onwards.

So now we know Duke is opening a Black Market. But does he have a black heart as well?


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