Fire, exclamation mark

Noted leaker James “BIGsheep” Thomas spills the beans again.

Attentive Sea of Thieves watchers will know Rare developer, James “BIGsheep” Thomas, as the man whose belligerence gave us mermaid gems, and who also accidentally confirmed parrots as pets on a live stream that time.

Well, pirates, he’s done it again.

On this week’s weekly stream, James glanced at the chat, and then spilled the beans:

I think the biggest thing we’ve announced that’s coming soon is fire

Andy Preston quickly looked at him, saying “Is that announced yet?” James: “Are you kidding me?” The reactions are priceless.

Luckily for James, Joe said it’s fine.

We don’t really know the extent of how fire will work in the game, but it’s been a fairly common suggestion. Most players quickly learn that fireplaces and open fires don’t hurt you, or set off powder kegs. Will the upcoming feature simply be a world building enhancement, or a full fleshed out game mechanic? We shall see.


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