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The August release, Dark Relics, and a little bit more.
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Hooray, this month’s release is here! Here’s a summary of all of Joe’s utterances:

Monthly Updates

Moving forward, the game update will happen on the 2nd Wednesday of every month (meaning the next update will be the 11th of September). With this in mind, players will know when to expect new content and voyages, as well as being aware of the end dates of each event.

Dark Relics

The Dark Relics voyages, commendations and rewards are all time-limited.

The Reapers Chest

This chest will appear around the world, signalled by glowing, swirling lights. When you bring it aboard, all other ships will see that you’re carrying the chest on their maps. Players can sell the chest to Duke for doubloons. Commendations and a title will stay in the game permanently, along with the chest.

Harpoon Rowboats

There’s now a chance that harpoon rowboats will spawn in the world.

Barrels of Plenty

These now have a chance to spawn loot, but also powder kegs. Keep an eye out!

Balancing changes

Gunpowder skellies will now spawn slightly less, although you may see stronghold keg skellies out and about too. Sloop damage has been reduced from storms ever so slightly.

Moar Settings

There have been some acceleration and dead-zone settings introduced for controllers, which give more fine-tuned handling of aim. (The knowledge-base has more information about this here).

Mute options have been expanded.

You can now replace gamertags both for other players you meet and for your own crew. Very useful for streamers.

Arena Matchmaking

Loading into the tavern – rather than an in-progress match – has been prioritised.


Sea of Thieves will be playable on the game-floor, but with a twist: duo sloop matches will be available. The best crew on the floor each day will win some Sea of Thieves swag!


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