Sea of Tease Roundup

Reconnect, emotes, pets and more.

Sea of Thieves Executive Producer, Drew Stevens, is the most active dev on Reddit – even though many more of the team seem to be heavy lurkers.

Drew – aka Sonicbob – usually tends to be most active in the period after game updates. After the release of Black Powder Stashes, he’s dropped in to reply to a few questions and comments. It’s been a while since we’ve had any real “Sea of Tease” from the devs, but there’s a small handful of tidbits here:

A reconnect feature is in development

A common complaint, especially among solo pirates, is that once you get disconnected from the game your entire session is lost. I myself have had this happen on a solo Mercenary Voyage, meaning those doubloons I spent got vapourised.

In response to this Reddit post asking about a re-connect feature, Drew replied:

Hey – Just wanted to drop in here and confirm we are working on a reconnect system. We should be hitting Insiders with this pretty soon for testing.

More emotes coming soon?

When several users started discussing emotes that were present in the alpha builds of the game but didn’t make release, the following exchange took place:


These bows were in alpha, and there was also a throat-cut gesture too. I wish Rare would bring these in, or maybe alternatives.




One thing I’d like is if we had the 8 gesture wheel, but had different emotes for each. For instance, make friends. Could have the current salute, a bow, a gesture followed by a few beats to the chest and a nod.



Drew is fairly well known on Reddit for his emoji-tease. His responses of “watching” and “not talking” certainly seem to indicate that a full second menu full of emotes may be on the way.

“Aggressive” Skelly ships that spawn on player ships may return

Skelly ships that spawn aggressively directly on players were “switched off” a few updates ago. In the most recent game update, the roaming “emergent” ships have been tweaked to make them easier to escape. This is part of a broad rebalancing of many encounters, but also fits nicely with the Black Powder Stashes update so you’re less vulnerable to PvE destruction.

A Reddit user was wondering if tweak also meant the “aggressive” ships had made a return. Drew clarifies:

The emergent Skeleton ships are those found passive sailing around the world. The Aggressive ships are still currently disabled…. for now…🤭

Again, another classic emoji hint. Obviously work is ongoing to bring these encounters back into the world in some way or other.

Pets will be back with Insiders soon

In this Reddit post asking when pets will arrive, Drew answered:

Looking forward to getting these back into Insiders very soon!

He also followed up on this hilarious Joe meme with yet another emoji:



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