Twitch Rivals: Sea of Thieves

Watch the event across two days to get the Obsidian ship livery!
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Sea of Thieves has partnered with Twitch to present “Rivals“, a two day Arena competition with $100,000 in prizes up for grabs!

Taking place from July 23rd-24th 2019, the Twitch Rivals Sea of Thieves Showdown is a series of four distinct contests starring some of the world’s best-known streamers and Sea of Thieves Arena players, each battling for a share of a true pirate fortune: $100,000 in prize money.

Cannons will roar, blades will sing and cutting remarks will almost certainly be made during this no-holds-barred Arena encounter, so be sure to tune in and catch the mayhem live on Twitch for a chance to score some plunder of your own!

The event runs from 10:00 – 17:45 PT on Tuesday July 23rd, and 09:00 – 16:45 PT Wednesday July 24th 2019. Click here for time zones.

In addition to the mayhem itself, any pirate who watches at least one full Arena match on Twitch on each day of the event will be awarded the full Obsidian ship livery!

You should note that the set items are split across each day. Watching on the 23rd of July will earn you the figurehead and hull, while watching on the 24th completes the set with the sails and flag.


You MUST link your Sea of Thieves account with your Twitch account to earn these rewards. You can do that on the Sea of Thieves event page here.

Watch the broadcasts live on the official Twitch Rivals channel or Sea of Thieves’ twitch channel.

Time zones help

Tuesday July 23rd, 10:00am PT – start of broadcastsee time zones
Tuesday July 23rd, 5:45pm PT – end of broadcast see time zones

Wednesday July 24th, 9:00am PT – start of broadcastsee time zones
Wednesday July 24th, 4:45am PT – end of broadcast see time zones


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