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Release Notes – 2.0.5

Black Powder Stashes


The latest update is here! Read on for the complete breakdown of changes coming in with update 2.0.5 which introduces Black Powder Stashes, the first in a series of planned Monthly Content Updates for Sea of Thieves. 

Black Powder Stashes

  • Reaper’s Black Powder Runs – Duke is challenging crews to face off against rivals in an explosive new Reaper’s Run, the ‘Reaper’s Black Powder Run’. These dangerous new voyages task crews with hopping from Fort to Fort finding Gunpowder Kegs, buried Merchant Crates and even guaranteed Stronghold Kegs! With two routes to pick from, crews should keep watch for rival crews as they trek the East Fort Run or West Fort Run. Tackling these voyages with your Reaper’s Flag raised adds extra risk to your voyage but unlocks some unique rewards. These voyages can be repeated if you dare!
  • Black Powder Smuggler’s Runs – For crews looking for a less competitive challenge with the same explosive consequences Duke, is offering a set of ‘Black Powder Smuggler’s Run’ voyages. These new voyages take crews into each region of the seas to collect buried Merchant Crates, Gunpowder Kegs and even guaranteed Stronghold Kegs for the Trading Companies. Pirate Legends have an exclusive voyage tasking them to venture into the Devil’s Roar and brave the threats to reap even more Stronghold Kegs! These voyages can be repeated to your hearts content once completed.
  • Trading Companies Stockpiling – The Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls and Merchant Alliance Trading Companies have begun stockpiling defences and will now reward players for handing over Gunpowder and Stronghold Kegs. Not wishing to be unprepared, the Mysterious Stranger has also begun rewarding Pirate Legends with Athena’s Fortune reputation for handing over Stronghold Kegs.
  • Mermaid Gems – Duke has heard word of Mermaid Gems being scattered across the world; Washed up on Islands, inside Skeleton Fort Vaults, inside Sunken Shipwrecks and even inside the bellies of Krakens & Megalodons! – the Trading Companies are eager to take these off your crew’s hands.
  • Mercenary Commendations and Rewards – A range of Mercenary Commendations are available to unlock from your crew’s explosive efforts out on the seas.  Earn Doubloons, unlock Titles and purchase newly available ‘The Inevitable Reaper Flag’, ‘The Inevitable Reaper Sails’ and the ‘Mercenary Figurehead’ for taking part in Duke’s latest challenges.

Game Balancing

  • Hunter’s Call Rewards – Now that they have established a booming business, The Hunter’s Call has the capital to reward players with greater Gold and Reputation gains for cashing in fish and meat.
  • Tall Tales Skeleton Lord Balancing – Captain Briggsy, Captain Graymarrow and the Gold Hoarder now have a more balanced encounter for two person and three person Crews.
  • ‘The Shores of Gold’ Gold Hoarder Encounter – Players engaging in the final encounter will now be given more time to complete the battle before the encounter times out.
  • Sunken Shipwreck Rewards – Diving into a sunken shipwreck, players now have the chance to find Gunpowder Kegs, Resource Crates and even Mermaid Gems in addition to all the other previously found rewards.
  • Improving Resource Crates – Players are more likely to find fruit, cannonball and wooden plank resource crates washed up on beaches across the world.
  • Mermaid ‘Return to Ship’ Improvements – The mermaids are more helpful, appearing more quickly and in a closer location for players when you need them the most.
  • Cursed Cannonballs – Effect Durations – The duration of effects for all player curses have been reduced. The duration of effects for Peaceball, Riggingball and Ballastball have also been reduced.
  • Cursed Cannonballs – Anchorball – Anchorball still lowers/raises the anchor but no longer locks it out from being used for a time afterwards. The Helmball and Barrelball remain unchanged.
  • Cursed Cannonballs – Skeleton Ships – When engaging a Skeleton Ship, the frequency in which they fire Cursed Cannonballs has been reduced.
  • Megalodon Encounter Balancing – We’ve done a wide balancing pass on the Megalodon encounters out in the world. When encountering a Megalodon players should more clearly be able to identify their personality from how they act around the ship and attack, allowing you to strategise on how to engage with them.
    • Fleeing from a Megalodon to a nearby island will cause her to quickly give up and leave the area rather than lying in wait under the waves for an extended period. Crews on Sloops and Brigs are now much more likely to encounter a more balanced encounter, while still proving to be a challenge to take down.
  • Sloop Mast Damage – A damaged Sloop mast now takes half the time to resurrect to provide a more balanced experience for smaller crews.
  • Eye of Reach Skeletons – Players will now only encounter Eye of Reach wielding skeletons manning certain posts on a Skeleton Ship. These skeletons no longer spawn on islands or during encounters.
  • Skeletons on Cannons – Skeletons on islands are less accurate with cannons and take longer to return after being killed.
  • Escaping a Skeleton Ship – When chased by an emergent Skeleton Ship, crews no longer need to put as much distance between them before the Skeleton Ship decides to let you escape.
  • Morrow’s Peak Outpost Geysers – Geysers on Morrow’s Peak Outpost in the Devil’s Roar now spawn much less frequently.
  • Devil’s Roar Volcanoes – Volcanoes encountered in the Devil’s Roar do not hit ships as often.


  • Crew Member ‘Join’ & ‘Leave’ Notifications – Crew members now receive a notification when a player joins or leaves their crew.
  • Tall Tales ‘Shroudbreaker’ New Puzzles – The Shroudbreaker Tall Tale has had a range of new Vault Puzzle variants added to provide a varied experience each playthrough.
  • Tall Tales ‘Cursed Rogue’ New Puzzle & Briggsy Fight Locations – The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale has had a range of new Puzzle variants added. Crews will now find new locations for Skeleton Crews and buried quest items and will engage Briggsy in different locations on islands for a more varied experience each playthrough.
  • Tall Tales ‘Revenge of the Morningstar’ New Puzzle Locations – The Revenge of the Morningstar Tall Tale has had a range of new puzzle variants added to new islands for a more varied experience each playthrough.
  • Digging up Bait – Players now have a chance to find fishing bait from digging in the world. Digging on beaches, shorelines and grassy areas will yield the different bait types, happy digging! The amount of bait found in island barrels has also been reduced as part of this change, however crews will still find they can acquire some stock at outposts and sea posts to prepare for their journey.
  • Interactive Hatches – The Shipwrights have added player-controlled hatches to both Sloop and Brigantines. Brigs have hatches added to the small window in the Captain’s Cabin, Sloops now have hatches on the small windows which players can close to help defend from attacks.
  • Outpost Tavern Audio – Tavern ambient audio experience has been enhanced to be more interesting for players.
  • Audio during Pirate Selection – The ambient audio experience has been enhanced when selecting a new pirate.
  • Session Setup Panel – When navigating the front-end menu and selecting your game mode, ship type and crew type – there is a UI panel showing the choices that you have made when setting up your session.
  • Controller & Keyboard Settings Menu – Improved the layout of the Controller and Keyboard screens on the settings menu.

This release also brings a range of accessibility improvements and fixed issues. Read the full patch notes here.


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