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We’re kicking off monthly game updates with Black Powder Stashes, an explosive good time for everyone! Visit Duke to pick up new voyages, all paying out gunpowder kegs. Turn them into any Trading Company for reputation. Boom! Job done.

As if the smorgasbord of features that landed with the sea of thieves anniversary update weren’t enough to keep even the busiest of pirates occupied, we’re throwing even more into the mix with the introduction of our new monthly content updates – starting with Black Powder Stashes.

Duke has word that the various trading companies are looking to stockpile explosive gunpowder barrels, and he has several voyages for you to buy. For the greatest rewards there are two special voyages that will send you on routes sailing between various ports across the seas which will lead you to these volatile valuables. So grab your voyage and head out on the waves to uncover hidden hordes of these temperamental treasures.

With both special voyage routes crossing paths, encounters with other players are likely, so it might be worth making sure that your combustible cargo is stored somewhere safe. Some of those forts may be brimming with waves of vicious skeletons too – you didn’t think we were gonna make this easy on you, did you?

Once you get your bounty of boom boxes back to an outpost, it’s up to you to decide which trading company you want to cash them in at. You can use the gunpowder barrels to gain reputation with either the Gold Hoarders, the Merchant Alliance, or the Order of Souls. And if you’ve already reached the lofty status of Pirate Legend, you can gain reputation with Athena’s Fortune.

And, on top of all the lovely gold and reputation you’ll be able to earn various commendations to unlock new titles and an exclusive Reaper’s sail, flag and figurehead for your ship.

So ready your crew, and get set for an explosive adventure with Black Powder Stashes!


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