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Black Powder Stashes!
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A summary:

How the game will be updated moving forward

  • An acknowledgement that updates have been sporadic since launch.
  • Rare wants players to understand the rhythm of updates, so they’ve moving to a cadence of monthly content updates.
  • Each update will bring “new voyages”, “new rewards”, “quality of life updates”.
  • Any new Tall Tales, updates to Arena, or new mechanics will drop into these monthly releases.

Black Powder Stashes Update

  • A new set of voyages which send you to forts to collect kegs and other rewards.
  • A ‘lost shipment” of mermaid gems are washing up around the world.
  • A range of balancing changes have been made.
  • A range of accessibility improvements.

Dark Relics

  • The next content update will be August 14th, named Dark Relics.

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