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More of what’s coming on July 17th…
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I summarise, you read:

Black Powder Stashes: July 17th.

“It’s going to be very explosive.” Duke will send players around the world to collect merchant creates, gunpowder barrels and stronghold barrels.

What else is coming in the update?

“A range of areas” have received some additional balancing:

  • The Hunter’s Call will have increased rewards
  • The Skeleton Lords have been better tuned for various crew sizes
  • Megalodons have been better tuned for various crew sizes
  • Megalodons generally” have been tuned so you’ll see more “distinct behaviours”
  • Cursed cannonballs have received balancing
  • “Upped the rewards for exploring”
  • More details on all balancing will come with the release notes

GuardianCon and The Battle for Orlando

The whole team enjoyed the con, and the Arena events offered important learnings for the team.

[Arena is] really great when it’s super competitive, and you have well balanced crews. Obviously that’s how we the want the game to be playing out in the wild, and we know that it’s not quite there yet.

Expect to see more competitions at events in future, and the dev team will feed all learnings on The Arena back into the game mode to keep improving it moving forward.


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