The Hunter’s Call Gold and Rep will be increasing soon

Expect this to land on July 17th.

If you’ve been selling endless Splashtails to Merrick for the last two months for an absolute pittance, you now have something to look forward to.

Lead Designer, Shelley Preston, has revealed on Twitter that an increase to gold and reputation is coming to the Hunter’s Call Trading company in Sea of Thieves.

I’ve been opportunistically looting shipwrecks and killing sharks to earn this sweet tattoo as part of the Cooking commendations, and I’m still not even at level 20. Hitting above level 30 in any faction always takes some time, but the Hunter’s Call in particular feels like a slow grind indeed.

This is welcome news for all fisher-pirates and hunter-gatherers out there aiming to get their hooks on the full Killer Whale ship set.

You can expect this to arrive with the incoming game update on July 17th, 2019.


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