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Black Powder Stashes: July 17th.
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A summary:

Black Powder Stashes

Black Powder Stashes will be “the first of a regular set of activities coming to Adventure”. The event brings a new activity with its own motivations and incentives, along with cosmetics and commendations.

Joe mentioned the previous Reaper’s Run Mercenary Voyages as an example of how the BPS will work, although different in its own way. With this in mean, we can safely assume these will be Mercenary Voyages, with similar set ups for voyage format, commendations and any titles and cosmetics that may be included. The Dev Update video thumbnail surely offers a hint of what to expect.

The future for Adventure

Joe reiterated that the dev team are still working through the best way to communicate their intended cadence of releases for Adventure, where players can get used to regular events and updates. I’ve previously guessed that Mercenary Voyages will fill the gaps between more meaningful updates where additional mechanics, items and more are added to Adventure.

The previous Mercenary Voyages dropped every 2-to-4 weeks earlier this year. That seems like a reasonable expectation for event-type updates to drop – along with bug fixes and quality-of-live improvements – in between larger updates.


Insiders are currently testing different ship sizes in Arena.


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