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A new Adventure “activity” soon + Shelley rocks!
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This week’s summary:

Capstan Damage

In this week’s dev update Joe returns to give the studio’s thinking on the updated capstan damage change. In last week’s game update the ability to drop a ships anchor by hitting the capstan with a cannonball was removed.

This lead to some interesting feedback and discussion around the change. Many felt it went too far in removing the tactical ability, in Arena especially. Others felt it opened up some much need fluidity to the ship to ship combat.

In Joe’s words, the original functionality “really didn’t fell right for the flow of ship battle… there [were] quite often cases where lots of ships would be in close proximity to each other and [weren’t] able to get moving again”. He went on to say that there might have been too much luck involved, and the team are happy with the result. As always they’ll continue to monitor the change and listen to feedback.

When the team bring more items in Arena, they want to do this in a way that add to the strategic choice players have during battles.


A new activity is coming to Insiders this week, with a plan to release into the retail build in mid-July.

Joe mentioned the Reaper’s Runs here, indicating this likely a return of Mercenary Voyages. (I’ve previously opined that Mercenary Voyages will return to fill out the “off periods” between more meaningful updates). This new”activity” is similar, but likely with different mechanics or goals.

“It’s really fun, I think it’s going to be quite explosive…”


Joe went on to explain that this is a “first step” for Rare to get into a more structured and predictable update schedule – one that keep players engaged, but is sustainable for the developers too.

Eventually the team will be ready to publicly talk about what the planned release cadence will be, but until then we can look forward to this next event.

Shelley Preston got promoted 🎉

Joe waxed eloquent about Shelley as she moves into a more senior role. Shelley now leads design on The Arena.


Sea of Thieves will be at GuardianCon and bringing an Arena battle to the event too.


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