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E3 and looking forward.
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Joe returns after an E3 break to recap the inclusions and changes in the latest release, reminisce about E3, and look forwards to the next year.

Notes of interest:

  • From the latest update:
    • Letters of recommendation for Sea Dogs and Hunter’s Call.
    • Shores of Gold commendation fixes, and other small Tale Tales tweaks.
    • Updated Arena matchmaking after each match.
    • Capstan damage no longer drops the anchor – “we’ll see how that plays out in the wild”.
  • Some Tall Tales localisation is being worked on for French and German, will be fixed in an upcoming update.
  • Notes from E3:
    • Joe reconfirmed 8.4 million unique players since launch, and 2M have played since the Anniversary Update.
    • The Halo Ship cosmetics were released for players during E3:
      • Partnering with 343 was a great experience.
      • Rare are working on future cosmetic partnerships, both 1st party and external.
    •  Joe’s highlight from E3 was meeting people who play Sea of Thieves. If you see the Rare team at events be sure to stop and say hello and share your stories.
    • Joe described the E3 Microsoft briefing, and how he feels re-energised with the direction of Xbox Studios and services, and how Sea of Thieves fits into the long term plans.
  • Prior to E3, the leadership team presenting their thinking around updating the game moving forward:
    • Giving players regular things to look forward to,
    • Doing it in a sustainable way for the developers.
    • The new cadence will start to roll out over the next couple of months – though they’re not ready to talk specifics yet.

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