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Release Notes – 2.0.4

Fixes and fixes and fixes.

Note: I’ve skipped the last few release weeks of releases as they’ve mostly been fixes only – but you can read them here: 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.0.3



  • The Arena Matchmaking Update – Some changes have been made to matchmaking in The Arena and players are now more likely to be pitted against a new rival crew after each contest. Your own crew will remain the same, and this change will only affect who you face in The Arena. Producer Jason Cross goes into more detail in this Forum post.
  • The Hunter’s Call and Sea Dogs Letters of Recommendation – Duke now offers Letters of Recommendation for The Hunter’s Call and Sea Dogs Trading Companies that can be purchased with Doubloons.
  • ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Tall Tale Book – To reduce player frustration when accidentally starting ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Tale inside the tavern, the area surrounding the Tall Tale Voting Book has been redressed and the barrel removed.
  • ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Ship’s Log – To improve initial discoverability for The Magpie’s Wing ship’s log, players will now find a more detailed map of the sunken ship location in their Quest Book at the start of the Tale. Other potentially confusing island and region references have also been removed. The ship’s log itself is now placed in the centre of the room on the Captain’s chair to aid discoverability.
  • ‘The Art of the Trickster’ Explosion Trap – The explosion trap sequence has been revised to reduce the chances of Tale failure due to the Trapmaker’s Key exploding.
  • Damaging the Capstan – Direct hits to a ship’s capstan will no longer cause the capstan to drop, although it will continue to take damage.
  • Purchase Complete Audio – When completing a purchase, the audio sting is now tied to the amount spent.
  • Tale Summary – Players could previously press [2] or [Y] on the Tall Tales Reputation page to view more information about a given Tale, such as the start location. This ‘More Info’ functionality is now also provided on the Tale Summary Page.
  • Improved Kill Contribution for Kraken and Megalodon Encounters – Participation tracking has been improved for players and crews engaging in Kraken and Megalodon encounters. Damaging the beast now counts towards killing it even if the player or crew subsequently leaves the encounter. Players will find that unlocking Commendation progress for winning these encounters is now much more consistent.
  • Improvements to ‘Let Games Read to Me’ – When ‘Let Games Read to Me’ is enabled in the Xbox settings, any text messages and pirate chat messages sent from players will be read out. To learn more about ‘Let Games Read to Me’, see our Accessibility Guide.
  • Reputation Page Loading Spinner – The Reputation Page now displays a loading spinner as the tabs become available.
  • Rowboat Audio – Players will now hear audio when interacting with functions of the Rowboat such as climbing in, sitting and using the oars.
  • Fishing Keybinding – Players can now equip the fishing rod through a keybind in the game settings page.

Fixed Issues

Note: There are a significant list of fixes. View the whole list here. Items of note are included below:


  • When regenerating health from cooked food, taking damage no longer causes a delay to the health bar updating.
  • The Venomball variety of Cursed Cannonballs can once again be found in barrels throughout the world.
  • The top food barrel on the Brigantine can once again be interacted with.
  • The sword dash animation now plays when under the effects of snake venom and taking damage from skeletons.
  • Washed-up cargo crates should now contain valid delivery notes.
  • The Skeleton Fort Key now has appropriate pirate chat options.
  • Harpoon tethers now stay attached to Rowboats when they are attached to and detached from a ship.
  • Audio should now consistently play across the whole game as intended. If you encounter any missing audio on this build, please raise support tickets as normal.
  • The ‘What’s New’ section on the game’s front end has been optimised and now loads images much more quickly.

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