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8.1 million fish.
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Joe ‘The Talent’ Neate is finally back with another dev update. You can watch the whole thing above, but if you’re pressed for time here the notes of interest:

  • The Anniversary Updated landed really well – credit to the dev team and Insiders program.
  • Some edge-case bugs effecting the completion of some Tales are being worked on.
  • A bug that effected a pirate’s features has been fixed; effected users can get support through the normal channels.
  • For Arena, a fix will land soon that match-makes into the Tavern, rather than into in-progress matches.
  • Rare are aware that some teams are quitting matches early, even though all teams who complete a match get rewards. The dev team are in discussion for the best way to address this.
  • The ability to use doubloons to purchase letters of recommendation for the Sea Dogs and Hunter’s Call will be coming soon.
  • In the first week from launch, 8.1 million fish have been caught.
  • Rare have been working on integrating support form external teams to allow them to upscale their output.
  • Rare have allocated a week for the entire company to take art in a creative jam – a way to celebrate creativity across the team.
  • The team are now in a new kick-off phase for determining the next steps for Arena and Adventure.
  • An ongoing area of focus is also ensuring their team are working on the game in a sustainable way.
  • There won’t be any big announcements at E3, but there may be some tease as they move further into developing the next features for the game.

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