Improvements are coming to riddles

Avoiding riddles on the seas, perhaps we could improve them please.

We’ve all felt the pain of loading up a Gold Hoarders voyage to be greeted with a fat stack of riddles. They’re certainly fun at first. But the time required to complete them just isn’t worth it for a single chest, especially the 4-steppers.

It’s long been the subject of mild irritation from players, with endless suggestion threads on Reddit and the official forums.

With the recent addition of collectors chests to the game, there have been some suggestions use these to expand how riddles work.

On a Reddit thread suggesting that riddles could perhaps drop trinkets to be stored in a collectors chest as you complete the steps, producer Drew Stevens dropped in to advise that yes, improvements are coming:

We have some plans in motion for how we can use our new Collector’s Chests to improve the experience for our Riddle quests. We will share our plans on this soon 👌

With the Merchant Alliance recently getting improvements to payouts and travel time, in addition to the cargo runs added last year, a small improvement to incentivise completing Gold Hoarder voyages would be a welcome addition.


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