Anniversary Update: New Achievements

Hot Tub Crime Machine!

Sea of Thieves have just shared a full list of achievements for today’s Anniversary Update, along with a huge gallery of all the achievements art.

Players have been asking for new achievements for some time, so it was exciting to hear there would indeed be a new set coming with this major update.

A full 1,000 gamerscore is included, giving completionists some new targets. And of course, the achievement titles come with sprinkles of Rare’s classic comedic flare, ranging from Hot Tub Crime Machine to Rum ‘N’ Bass.

Many of the achievements included at launch were very heavily tuned, causing some frustration among more dedicated pirates. This lead to Rare reducing many of the requirements in both achievements and in-game commendations.

A quick scroll through the new list indicates that the goals seem much more achievable (see what I did there) this time round.

For posterity: an Imgur album with all the Achievement Art for use as wallpapers, social shares, or whatever else takes your fancy.


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