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As part of their stream dedicated to The Anniversary Update, Rare dropped this trailer for The Hunter’s Call. Watch the whole thing above.

The Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update is nearly here, and with it comes a whole boatload of new features to put your skills as a hunter to the test.

Following his mysterious disappearance after The Hungering Deep, Merrick has returned to set up The Hunter’s Call trading company. Working alongside has ever so creatively named son Derrick, and the rest of his extended family, they’ll be your port of call for all things hunting.

And that starts with fishing.

Yes, the much requested feature is finally here. Players will be able to cast off and lay in wait for the varied fish that lurk below the waves. And when you do get a bite you’ll have to skillfully pull and reel to claim your prize. There are many fish to be found across the Sea of Thieves, but in order to snag some of the rarer examples you’ll need to learn what you can about your specific catch conditions, use different types of bait, and throw a line into the right spot. Who knows what sort of fanciful fish you’ll drag up!

What to do with your hard earned catch? Well you can always take them back to any of the Hunter’s Call crew in exchange for some cold hard cash. Perhaps an upgrade to your old fishing rod?

Or maybe it’s time to break out the pots and pans and get cooking. You’ll be able to practice your culinary creations with a selection of new food types including fish, a variety of new fruit, and the meat you gather from animals found on islands. Sorry, piggy.

Cooking your food requires careful attention. Get it just right and you’ll enjoy an extended dose of health replenishment. Burn it and you’ll have wasted some valuable nutrition. And if you undercook it, well that’s your dinner party ruined.

And finally, if you’re the sort of pirate who’s craving for something more of the point-and-shoot variety, then look no further than the new harpoon gun.

You’ll be kitted out with two harpoon guns located at the front of each ship type, and you can use them in a variety of different ways. Take aim and pull up a multitude of different objects onto the deck of your ship. Tether yourself to an enemy vessel to keep them close, and retract the line ready for boarding. Or navigate the waters like a pro as used tether and retract around sea rocks and islands in scenes that would impress even the most fast and furious of players.

All of this and more is available in the Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update launching April 30th. So hold on tight and prepare for Sea of Thieves’ most exciting adventure yet!

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