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Pets are delayed. Perhaps they’re being spayed?
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Notes of interest from this week’s Dev Update:


While the original plan was for pets to come into the game with the Anniversary Update, testing with Insiders and internally have shown they’re not at a quality level Rare would like. The devs want pets to really fit the world and feel alive, so they’ll take some more time to get them right.

Tall Tales

The devs will have a live stream dedicated to covering Tall Tales on April 23rd, along with a Tall Tales trailer. Tall Tales brings narrative, story and quests into the shared world of the game. Shores of Gold is the first set of tales to come into the game. Joe describes “a set of tools, a platform that allows us to delivery Tall Tales as an ongoing thing. Shores of Gold is just the start.”

Cross Play

Work is ongoing for cross play. It’s more complex than the development team originally thought, meaning it won’t be ready for the Anniversary Update. The goal is now for it to arrive as soon as possible after the April 30 release. Cross play will test with Insiders around late-May, with a focus on Arena to start with. When it’s ready it’ll roll out to the retail build.

Studio Focus

The entire studio is now focussed on development, bug fixing and polish for the Anniversary Update. Insiders are testing regularly, and Joe feels they’re looking like they’re in a good place for the retail release.

Press will be visiting Rare in early April to play advance builds of the Anniversary Update, with coverage to drop in mid-April.

Sea of Thieves will also have a presence at TwitchCon Europe. If you’ll be at the conference, keep an eye out for Joe and the team!


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