We’ll have to wait a little longer for Pets

They’re not quite ready for prime time.

Eagle eyed observers would have noticed that Pets were conspicuously absent from the Anniversary Update trailer on Wednesday. At the time, I postulated that, since the mega update was a free update, pets (which will cost real money) were intentionally omitted to avoid confusion.


Executive Producer, Joe Neate, confirmed on Twitter that pets aren’t quite where Rare would like them to be, so they’re taking the time to ensure they get it right.

We’re not quite happy with where Pets are at yet. Been testing them with Insiders, taken feedback, had internal reviews, and not confident they’d meet our quality bar for Anniversary, so we are polishing more before release. Will talk more on it in next week’s dev update.

As many fans on Reddit have noted, this is a great example of the consistently refreshing level of communication from the Sea of Thieves team. Plenty of games out there have launched with controversial micro-transaction strategies. It’s heartening to see a dev team willing to hold a feature back in order to hit the mark they set for themselves.

We’re looking forward to messing about with parrots (confirmed) and whatever other pets Rare have lined up. In the meantime, let’s keep getting pumped for fishing! 🎣


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