Sea of Thieves announces major “Anniversary Update”

The update will arrive on April 30th.

The team from Sea of Thieves announced the details of their “mega update” today – now officially called the Anniversary Update.

As well as The Arena (most of the details of which we’ve know since it was announced) the video, announcement and promo page give us some more details about things we know, and tip us off to some new things.

Tall Tales – Shores of Gold introduces a new epic storyline to the world of Sea of Thieves, delving deeper into the lore of our favourite pirate paradise. Follow a series of narrative adventures surrounding existing and all-new characters, taking you to undiscovered places and revealing surprising new gameplay features.

Fans of the expanded game universe will recognise some of the iconic characters and locations in Shores of Gold, yet this is only the beginning of a series of Tall Tales that will allow players to immerse themselves in the legends of Sea of Thieves.

In the Tall Tales section of the trailer we also see some puzzling or riddle-solving in the form of a dynamic constellation, as well as some traps in action. And on the deck of the ship in another segment we see a female pirate holding a book. Mike Chapman seems pumped for these new quests and expanded lore.

Merrick Returns! 

The Hunter’s Call is an all-new type of Trading Company that brings long-awaited fishing and cooking capabilities to the Sea of Thieves! Led by the returning wanderer Merrick, The Hunter’s Call offers gold and cosmetic rewards, as well as another path to Pirate Legend in exchange for your best prizes and food.

Master the art of fishing from shore and from ship, hunt animals and monsters for their meat and cook up delicious (or occasionally poisonous) food.

While observers and fans have suggested a trading company or merchant to sell fish and sharks and the like, we’d not previously heard any rumblings of a fifth(!) trading company. This is a welcome surprise. The dev team have previously mentioned you only need to level up 3 of the 4 (at the time) announced trading companies with the addition of the Sea Dogs from The Arena. We assume that’s still the case and pirates now have a wide range of play styles to follow through all the way to legend! In the image above, Merrick’s fishing rod looks different to those in the trailer, so here’s hoping for some fun cosmetic variants!

The Anniversary Update also brings along various world improvements to enhance the core experience. Expanded ship damage means that your beloved vessel can suffer a broken mast, capstan or even wheel, meaning that sailing and escaping battle could get very tricky indeed. Meanwhile, the arrival of the harpoon means that treasure can be nabbed by a skilled enemy and ships can make some surprising manoeuvres.

Don’t get comfortable on land either! New and terrifying foes arrive in Shores of Gold – figures arising from legend, packing deadly surprises. Even simple exploration comes with additional risk thanks to traps that must be carefully navigated to avoid disaster. The Sea of Thieves can be a perilous place for the unwary…

More than just the mast damage shown in the video, we now know that your capstan or wheel will also be able to take damage (and, we assume, be repaired). The addition of harpoons (which we predicted with evidence of the feature in action exactly one month ago) seems sure to shake things up. And what’s this about new enemies? 👀

Luckily more questions will be answered as the dev team embarks on a series of live streams focused on several of the new features and systems coming to the Anniversary Update.

Anniversary Preview: The Arena
Wed 10 April
Find out more about the all-new competitive game mode that will let you and your friends test yourselves against other crews in fun and fast-paced matches to amass the most loot.

Anniversary Preview: The Hunter’s Call
Tue 16 April
The Hunter’s Call is a new trading company that gives you more ways to play and progress towards Pirate Legend. Find out more about what you can do, the company behind it and the rewards on offer.

Anniversary Preview: Tall Tales – Shores of Gold
Tue 23 April
This is Sea of Thieves like you’ve never seen it before. Tall Tales are a collection of story-rich quests that are played out in our shared world and can be fully experienced by yourself or with your crew. This first collection, ‘Shores of Gold’, invites you to embark on an epic adventure of love, honour and betrayal in search of the mythical Shores of Gold.

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