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Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update Trailer

Let’s break it down!
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It’s finally here! And Rare have now confirmed that the Anniversary Update (RIP, mega update) will arrive on April 30th.

Have you watched it yet? Click above to give it another watch then let’s get into a breakdown below.

FISHING CONFIRMED! And is there something cooking in that pot?

Here we see this chest opening. What’s inside? The pirate on the left is holding his compass, how did they find the chest?

A lot of new cosmetics on display here. We get our first look at harpoons (we were right). Fishing again (hooray!). And the woman pirate on deck has a book equiped.

Three hits and the mast comes down!

A lot happening in this Arena shot. We see a ship with a pontoon wharf attached in the foreground there that might be a staging area, or drop off point? And what’s that pink smoke from the mast of the ship in the background?

A closer look at some Sea Dogs Arena-flavoured chests.


A closer look at harpoons. And Shelly πŸ¦€. The following shot shows an animated constellation, hopefully a riddle/puzzle as part of Tall Tales.


A closer look at fishing. Can’t wait for the first time I’m blunder-bussed from behind while trying to reel in a rare cod.

Harpoons in action!

Rare talked about the hot tub in the Sea Dogs Tavern at launch… here it is.

We’ll have rolling coverage with more information about the Anniversary Update later today. Remember to follow Sea of News on Twitter to stay up to date!


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