A Gold+Rep boost weekend is on the way (updated)

Gold and Glory Weekend: March 15th-18th!

Updated: 14 March 2019

The Gold and Glory weekend has now been announced and the countdown is live on the Sea of Thieves site. Pirates who sell loot to any trading company during the event will receive a “huge boost in gold and reputation rewards”.

Orignal post:

It seems as though some seaofthieves.com site code leaked out a little bit early. This image has popped up on Reddit, and shows a countdown for an upcoming event called “the Gold and Glory weekend”.

With “Glory” probably referring to Trading Company Reputation, and “Gold” referring to… well, gold… we expect this to be quite the lucrative event indeed.

The countdown in the capture lines up to the weekend of March 16-17th, which lines it up perfectly for those pirates who are grinding to achieve Legend by March 20th to soak up some of those sweet Year One Pirate Legend gifts.

We’ll update this post with more details as they come to hand.


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