Mercenary Releases

Release Notes – 1.4.4

Reaper’s Run of the Wanderer’s Refuge



  • Reaper’s Run of the Wanderer’s Refuge – Duke’s shop now holds a treacherous new ‘Reaper’s Run Voyage’ costing 5 Doubloons. Any crew willing to accept this challenge must brave the waters surrounding Wanderers Refuge – with multiple crews all heading to the same location, prepare to do battle!
  • Reaper’s Mark Challenge – Looking for more of a challenge? Equip your Reapers Mark Flag before you set sail in order to warn rival crews of your presence. Pirates who complete The Reaper’s Run of Wanderers Refuge with their Reaper’s Mark raised high will unlock progress towards a Legendary Commendation ‘Legendary Reaper of Wanderers Refuge’ and ‘The Wandering Reaper’ Title – only for the most fearsome pirates.
  • Wandering Reaper Ship Cosmetics – A Legendary Challenge deserves a Legendary reward! A new set of Ship Cosmetics are available in Duke’s Shop locked behind the ‘Legendary Reaper of Wanderers Refuge’ Commendation; The Wandering Reaper Sail, The Wandering Reaper Hull and The Wandering Reaper Flag.
  • Mercenary Voyages of the Wilds & Ancient Isles – Duke also has two new voyages in his shop. These voyages cost 5 Doubloons and direct pirates to visit a specific sea region and complete a mixture of Voyage types.
  • Mercenary Voyage Commendations – Alongside the Legendary Commendation, there are a total of 4 Commendations available in this set for completing each of Duke’s latest Mercenary Voyages. Unlocking all these commendations awards 90 Doubloons!

Merchant Alliance Improvements

  • Merchant Animal Payouts – The value of successfully handing in animal cargo has been significantly increased.
  • Cargo Run Payouts – The value of successfully handing in Cargo has been significantly increased.
  • Cargo Run Robustness – Cargo is much more robust and significantly easier to get to its destination in good condition.
  • Cargo Run Sailing Distance – The average delivery distance for Cargo Runs have been reduced, and are now a shorter sailing distance.


  • Floating Treasure – Significantly increased time loot floats for at the water surface before it begins to sink.
  • Sword Miss Swing Recovery – When swinging your sword and missing your opponent, there is an increased recovery delay before you can swing again. Players can move freely during this recovery, however, are prevented from attacking.
  • Food Barrels – The Shipwrights have been busy and added more food barrels to the ships.
  • NPC Dialog Styling – Updated styling when interacting with an NPC during Dialog.
  • Colour Contrast Accessibility – Updated the colour contrast of selecting items in the Settings menu to better support accessibility for WCAG standards.
  • Service Status Messaging – Our Live Operations team now have the ability to communicate changes to our service status to players in the game as they happen. These messages will appear and persist in the Chat Notification area when sent.

Check the original release notes for bug fixes and performances improvements.


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