We figured out the ship cutouts!

And there’s prototype footage of the feature in action.

🚨  Although this is sourced from public information, it may contain heavy spoilers about those cutouts, so if you’re precious about potentially being spoiled, turn back now.  🚨

Since the inclusion of the cut outs at the bow of the ships in the latest build of the game, observers have been trying to figure out what the might be for. Some figure they’re confirmation of fishing, or potentially for mortars, perhaps for swivel guns, or even for deck-mounted harpoons.

Eagle eyed reader @PersonalC0ffee reached out to me via Twitter DM with some interesting images captured from early prototype Sea of Thieves gameplay footage.

He said in his message:

As you can see in the screenshots, those are sitting in the exact same spots, just no longer on that raised bow portion. I don’t have the context [for gifs these images were grabbed from].

I went looking for the context.

Early in the development of the game some Microsoft leadership was invited to Rare to play prototype builds. They weren’t given any instruction, and they filled out emotion wheels after their play sessions.

I remember seeing clips of these early play throughs, and sure enough, there’s footage on YouTube.

A quick scrub through that footage and we found what we were looking for, and confirmation of what @PersonalC0ffee surmised in his message:

If you look back at the post-it notes from these play sessions you can see someone has written “[redacted] shark when trying to get Kudo”…

The front mounts on the ships are almost certainly for harpoon cannons.

Here’s a cap of the prototype, compared to real mounted harpoon cannons. It certainly looks the part.

On the most recent stream, while discussing small changes that will come into the game as they prepare for the Mega Update, Joe said about the cutouts: “this gap really draws me over, for some reason…”.

And, as a reminder, here are the quotes from a previous stream about upcoming ship-to-ship interactions:

Joe: New and interesting ways for interactions between ships and stuff in the future, it’s definitely [something] we’ve got our eye on. Not directly boarding ropes, but new and interesting ways for ship-to-ship interaction that will be interesting in both the Adventure world and Arena…

James: A lot of the stuff we try and look at, it’s not always just a single use. It’s got to have different way you can use it; different ways it can fit into the story of Sea of Thieves as well.

While this isn’t a 100% certainty, taken as a whole – the original prototype footage, the prototype mounts, the locations of the cutouts, the description of the new ship-to-ship interactions – it all points towards mounted harpoons making a splash in Sea of Thieves soon! 🕵️‍♂️

Huge thanks to @PersonalC0ffee for the tip.

Hat tip to @ShillianthYT for the timestamp of Joe discussing the cutouts.


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