Fan art: check out this incredible pirate diorama

3D artist Miguel Delgado commemorates his 2-man crew.
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Something many pirates have requested as a merch option for Sea of Thieves is the ability to purchase a figurine of your pirate – something you can sit on your desk, or next to your gaming set up at home.

3D artist Miguel Delgado took matters into his own very talented hands by designing, printing, crafting and painting a diorama of his two-man crew! Miguel did the digital 3D work with Zbrush & Maya, then 3D printed and hand-painted the final work. The result is stunning!

We got in touch with Miguel who graciously took to the time for a quick chat.

How long have you been playing Sea of Thieves? What do you like about the game?

I’ve been playing sea of thieves since the launch day, which is why my pirate in the diorama wears the “day 1 eyepatch”. As an artist I love the visuals of the game, the feeling of sailing. The islands and crystal clear water bring back memories of my travels in Thailand.

How long have you been doing 3D digital work, and 3D printing your designs? 

I don’t know exactly, but I would say about ten years in the 3D digital world. However I must confess that this has been my first 3D printing. I have learned a lot in the process, especially with the failures that I had to fix manually.

How long did the diorama project take in total working hours? 

I worked on it in my spare time over the last 6 months (only weekends).

Did you get any help directly from Rare? (You mention them in the project “thanks”). 

Yes, I contacted Ricardo Robles (Concept Artist) and Matt Wilkins (Environment Artist) to ask them for feedback on my work. Matt encouraged me a lot and Ricardo suggested that I should include plants for a green touch. Both were very important support during the process. They encouraged me to keep going. (I love you guys).

Where is the diorama right now? Did you make a second one for JBarrero too?

It’s on a shelf surrounded by a lot of Sea of Thieves merchandise. Right now there is only one in existence.

You’re definitely going to start getting requests to make more for other crews. Would you ever consider taking commissions?

It would make me very happy to be able to make an exclusive figure to each person who asks me, however I do not plan to do this at the moment.

Thanks for taking the time, Miguel!

Check out the project page to see more images and details about this amazing piece of art!

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